9 Miraculous Cancer Tattoo Designs

Some people mark their zodiac signs as tattoos and it is more common among girls. Among the 12 zodiac signs, the Cancer sign is more famous and is trendier as it can be written both as a text and an image. The Cancer zodiac signs are represented by ‘crab’ and are also represented with tribal symbols.

The zodiac sign is marked either as a text, crab or the star symbol. We all have some different special qualities and when we born that time sun sign rules us. Peoples like to use their sun sign as a tattoo on their body part and cancer tattoo represents the quality of water element.

Best and Stylish Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Let’s find here with mentioned cancer sign tattoos, which will give you tremendous look with good luck.

1. Regular Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Designs:


The regular cancer zodiac tattoo designs are the simple zodiac designs for the Cancer sign. These are mostly the zodiac symbol at its simplest form. These are mostly made with black ink and are so simple.

2. Simple Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Simple Cancer Tattoo Designs

These are simple crab designs which represent the cancer symbol tattoo. These tattoos are made with a combination of colors and are mostly made with red and black combination. These designs can be worn on the wrist, hand and head.

3. Cancer Tattoo Designs for Girls:

Cancer Tattoo Designs for Girls

The Cancer tattoo designs for girls are simple and attractive. These tattoos are might be either the zodiac symbol or crab or both. The crabs are also combined with flowers and sometimes these are made with multi-color ink. The designs are made ‘girly’ with a crab in it to make it look more perfect.

4. Linear Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Linear Cancer Tattoo Designs

The linear cancer tattoo designs are cancer zodiac symbol tattoo made only with lines. These are made with only black ink and concentrate on line-formation of the image. The linear are used as modern age designs and are simple – trendy.

5. Tribal Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Tribal Cancer Tattoo Designs

The tribal cancer tattoos are cancer tattoos zodiac made with complex design and structure. The tribal designs mostly depict the zodiac sign with complex lines and connections. These also include a crab or a zodiac cancer sign with other markings representing ancient meaning.

6. Realistic Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Realistic Cancer Tattoo Designs

The realistic cancer tattoo designs are the crab tattoos for cancer sign and are made like real 3D tattoo. These are made with only black or multi-color. These are mostly considered as normal tattoo as zodiac as the realistic look dominate the tattoo design.

7. Unique Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Unique Cancer Tattoo Designs

Unique cancer Tattoo designs are zodiac or crab designs made with techie look. These are the futuristic perspective of the tattoo design and are more creative. These are mostly confusing and are modern art on the human body.

8. Hardcore Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Hardcore Cancer Tattoo Designs

Hardcore cancer tattoo designs are a mix of simple and complex designs. These are made with skull, flame, fire, etc. to make it look scarier and it gives a ‘punk’ look. These tattoos are mostly worn by men on their biceps muscle.

9. Complex Cancer Tattoo Designs:

Complex Cancer Tattoo Designs

The Complex cancer tattoo designs are adopted from ancient style and are considered the most complex design. These are similar to tribal tattoos but are more complex.

The Zodiac tattoos are worn to express their ‘birth personality’ and are mostly worn on the hands. The Cancer zodiac tattoos are more common and are available in different styles. These can also be modified to the taste of the user. The zodiac tattoos are mostly worn as any animal representing the star as it makes it look different.