9 Nature’s Finest Peony Tattoo Designs

Peony is the traditional flower of China. It’s kind of floral design and also found to be the twelfth-anniversary flower. It is also the state flower of Indiana. The flower is symbolized as a flower of riches and honour. It is also considered as a good fortune for a happy marriage. This tattoo is very beautiful and covers the whole back or sleeve body part of a person.

People love to embody the peony tattoo on their body with the purpose of spreading love and happiness.

Best and Stylish Peony Tattoos:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 9 peony tattoo designs which will give you an unusual look.

1. Peony Flower Tattoo on Shoulder Neck:

Peony flower tattoo on shoulder neck

A peony tattoo on the front side of the shoulder neck will look gracious when women with beautiful body features have it on. The glamorous part of the peonies tattoos is that it looks perfect on the feminine body rather than men. If you like dark shade or simple design then this tattoo will be best suitable for your shoulder; women’s like to try this kind of design always.

2. Colourful Japanese Peony Collar Bone Tattoo:

Colorful Japanese peony collar bone tattoo

The Japanese peony tattoo is quite different than the simple peony tattoo design. The colours and shape are made somewhat perfect to around flower and the flower is fully open. Girls who like to show off their attitude then they must this design for their collarbone, but get some tips from experienced peoples about inking too.

3. Black and White Thigh Peony Tattoo:

Black and white thigh peony tattoo

The Peony tattoo black and white ink on the thighs is probably a great idea to have a tattoo on you. The blooming and extra petals of the peony flower with leaves make a beautiful design. If you want black and white shade, then this tattoo looks awesome when you use short pants.

4. Grey and Black Peony Tattoo:

Grey and black peony tattoo

Peony tattoo in the black and grey ink is magnificent in look, but are less chosen as per their choice but, gradually the craze is getting increased. This will look good on forearms, this design you can prefer for your modern look.

5. Moon Shaped Small Peony Tattoo:

Moon shaped small peony tattoo

The moon-shaped small peony tattoo can be made either on the feet or on the wrist and also on high thighs. The cute little simple peony tattoo also reveals much. You will get this design in half-moon shape for your any part of the body, try this one on the thigh.

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6. Pink Rose Peony Tattoo:

Pink Rose peony tattoo

The pink peony rose tattoo is the love of women. Women put the tattoo to enhance their beauty, while men engrave to attract beautiful ladies. This design is famous for girls nowadays.

7. Back Neck Blue Peony Flower Tattoo:

Back neck blue peony flower tattoo

A single large blue peony flower on the back neck in the center is one beautiful idea of peony flower tattoos for men and women.

8. Red Peony Tattoo on Body:

Red peony tattoo on body

Women can make two such large red peony flowers and extra fillings with small and large leaves and buds of the flower on their waist to make her body look sexy.

9. Full Sleeve Peony Tattoo:

Full sleeve peony tattoo

Making a peony tattoo in large design the lush of the flower is so blooming and fully round that the look itself brings an atmosphere of love, romance and prosperity.

The peony tattoos symbolize with a strong feeling of beautifying and blooming atmosphere with fragrance, fragility and the transitory of nature’s existence. It is also said that the symbol reveals a deep thought of getting great success when only great risks are taken.