9 New European Hairstyles For Women and Men In 2020

Europe has been at the forefront of inventing so many hairstyles that we see nowadays. It’s really hard to fathom how much we’ve evolved over the years so much. New looks, new hairstyles everywhere. From pompadour to quiff, from faded look to cropped look – you can have it all.

Best European Hairstyles For Women and Men with Images:

Let’s check out some of the best styles Europe has to offer,

1. Pompadour Haircut:

Pompadour Haircut

If you’re looking to get a European haircut, then absolutely get this pompadour look. Named after Madame de Pompadour, this haircut became famous with Elvis Presley. The haircut has short sides with the hair styled in upward shape and towards the back as well. This is definitely one of the best men’s European hairstyles.

2. The Quiff Hairstyle:

The Quiff Hairstyle

If you love European short hairstyles, then this beautiful quiff haircut might do the trick. Quiff can be done in various ways, including short and spike shaped, as well as in voluminous yet messy shaped. The possibilities are endless. It is always required to keep the rest of the hair small in order to accommodate the large front hair. This is absolutely one of the most favourite European men’s hairstyles.

3. The Fade Haircut:

The Fade Haircut

If you’re after European short haircuts, then get this fade haircut. The most popular faded haircut is the taper style. Earlier, faded haircuts were only used for shorter hairs. Now it is used by all kinds of hair types. There are also various kinds of faded hair styles to choose from. This cut is undoubtedly one of the best new European hairstyles.

4. Slicked Back Hair:

Slicked Back Hair

This is one of the most unique European short haircuts you can find. This haircut includes sides that are either undercut or faded, while the top has enough hair length to be combed towards the back of the head. You can use various hair products like pomade, etc. You will always look sleek and stylish in this haircut.

5. Modern Pompadour with High Skin Fade:

Modern Pompadour with High Skin Fade

If you want a European style haircut, then look no further than this hairstyle. This haircut is a nice mix of pompadour along with a fade that is high skin type. What makes this style more gorgeous is its modern take on everything. Thus this one is a must for anyone getting a new European haircut.

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6. High Skin Fade with Comb Over and Beard:

High Skin Fade with Comb Over and Beard

If you’re looking to sport a Euro hairstyle, then this might suit you. This haircut comes with a fade that is totally skin hugging, and the top of the head having normal sized long hairs that are combed over – giving the front a perfect lift and textured look. This haircut looks great especially if you have a beard.

7. Taper Fade with Spiky Hair:

Taper Fade with Spiky Hair

If you’re looking for Euro style haircut, then this spiky type hair might do the trick. The sides of the head are moderately faded, with the top having medium sized hairs, totally straightened and giving you that spiky feel. This cut looks cool as well being sleek. There is a lot of style and trendiness to this haircut as well.

8. Bob Cut:

Bob Cut

If you’re looking for the most popular European hairstyles female type, then this is the one you should get. This bob cut has been immensely popular with European woman, and can fit your style whether you have straight or wavy hair. This cut can also work on short as well long type hairs as well. This style looks very gorgeous and trendy.

9. Short Pixie Style:

Short Pixie Style

If you want an European hairstyles women type haircut, then this will be the best to make you look younger and adorable. This haircut features cropped hairstyle which is short all over the entire head. The haircut looks very beautiful and lovely as well. This cut is highly recommended.

Sometimes it’s better to embrace the change, and that’s what these styles are all about. Each has their distinct features and looks that will always make you look cool and stylish. Many of the popular hairstyles originated in the Europe, so why not try them out? This list will help you exactly with all of that.

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