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9 Phenomenal Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men & Women In 2020

The Buzz cut hairstyle is a very popular hairstyle and a classic one. You can find in many varieties. This is suitable for both men and women. This is a suitable hairstyle for any face shapes. There are various hairstyles. People who like short hairstyles usually, prefers buzz cut hairstyles. It is easy to maintain too. Usually buzz cut hairstyle comes with short hair around and a bit larger in the middle.

The Coolest Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men and Women with Pictures:

Here are the best buzz cut hairstyles for men and women, You can try in buzz cut.

1. Induction Cut:

Induction cut

This is a men’s buzz cut variety and also known as the military buzz cut. It got this name because this is the cut that the army gives to its new recruiters. If you don’t want to spend much time in hair maintenance this is a suitable choice. There will be short hair and don’t have to clean shave it. Try it out to escape from hot summer weather as well.

2. Faded Buzz Cut:

Faded buzz cut

The faded buzz cut is very popular men’s buzz haircut. In this fade haircut there will not be hair around your years. If you don’t like the induction type which removes most of your hair this one is different. The hair length will increase at the top and decreases as it comes to the bottom. So before doing this make sure you don’t have any scars back there because everything will be visible in this type.

3. Layered Buzz Cut:

Layered buzz cut

When it comes to women’s buzzed hairstyles the hair length will vary. Usually, women prefer hair length than like in induction cut. So, they can try this layered haircut where the top part will have a 1inch length and will reduce the length as it comes down. It is same as layer cut in long hair. This will look stylish on every woman.

4. Crew Cut for Women:

Crew cut for women

Are you looking for a stylish buzz cut women’s hair? This is it. This women’s buzzed haircut is known as crew  cut and will be easy to maintain also. Women who want short hair can try it. Here the hair length will be more in the top and less as it comes down. You can choose as much as hair length as you want on the top and this hairstyle will be most suitable for a triangular face shape.

5. Flat Top Haircut:

Flat top haircut

This is a unique men’s buzz cut hairstyle. If you are looking to try something special with your hair this is one of your choices. In this the top part of hair length will be more. You can choose the hair length as you want and then there will not be much hair around it. The top part will be much lengthier then the surrounding part. Both straight hair and curly hair people can choose this one.

6. Burr Cut Hairstyle:

Burr Cut hairstyle

This is a variety of buzz cut hairstyle. Here the difference is that hair length will be a bit more longer than induction cut and you can keep the hair length almost same all over your head. If you want you can make longer hair at the top and shorter around it. The main advantage of this style is no need to invest more time for hair maintenance.

7. Edgy Hairstyle:

Edgy hairstyle

When it comes to buzz cut in women they can try many varieties. This is a best buzz cut hairstyle every woman can try. Here you the hair length is long in one side and the other side is very short like proper induction cut. This is your choice you can keep the length you want in the side and part it from the shorter side.

8. Pixie Cut Hairstyle:

Pixie cut hairstyle

When you want very short hairstyle and no time to take care of your hair try this one. it is very good buzz cut hairstyle every woman can try. it is very simple and classic one. The hair length is almost same everywhere and down the head it becomes short. It will make every women look stylish.

9. Short Curly Buzz Cut:

Short curly buzz cut

For men with curly hair this is a type of haircut they can try. This is a short curly haircut with more length to the top and a typical buzzed cut around it. You can decide the length of hair you need to keep. This is also a cool hairstyle for youngsters.

Buzz cut hairstyles are of various types according to hair type and length. It varies in both men and women. So, which one you are going to try out? Try new experiments in your hair and be trendy. You will get noted wherever you go with a unique hairstyle.

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