9 Spa Treatments for Cellulite

9 Spa Treatments for Cellulite

While there are many creams and lotions for cellulite that you can try at home, professional spa treatments are often much more effective when it comes to reducing the appearance of this issue. Discover the best spa treatments for cellulite and decide which one might be worth a try.

At home, you can use anti-cellulite products that contain caffeine or vitamin A derivatives, and massage your problem vigorously, but a professional option can deliver better and longer lasting results. Here are your top options.

1. Body Wraps

Whether they include coffee grounds, seaweed or other ingredients, body wraps don’t usually offer any long term effect when it comes to cellulite. 

They can be detoxifying and hydrating, but they’re only one of the best spa treatments for cellulite if you’re looking for fast results that only last for a day or two. Body wraps can also reduce the diameter of your thighs, but save them for special occasions.

2. Lypossage

Unlike a regular cellulite massage, lypossage is aimed at more than just breaking up fatty tissue. This type of rhythmic massage increases both circulation and lymphatic flow, and the effect can be a great detox. It’s one of the best types of cellulite massage since it can reshape and smoothe your skin, decreasing the ripple appearance of cellulite.

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3. Endermologie

Definitely one of the best spa treatments for cellulite, endermologie features a special type of vacuum that provides a deep tissue massage. While lypossage can be painful, endermologie is a lot more comfortable and it’s also one of the less expensive treatments that actually work in the long run. Effects can last for months, but regular sessions are required in order to keep your skin smooth.

9 Spa Treatments for Cellulite

4. Ionithermie

Combining the detoxifying power of a clay mask with electrostimulation at a cellular level, ionithermie can decrease the appearance of cellulite and even shrink your thighs. It works as a clay body wrap with small wires that transmit electrical currents into your skin. The result is a powerful detox treatment that improves your skin texture.

5. Tri-Active

A laser treatment that uses infrared energy to reduce the appearance of cellulite, Tri-Active provides a cool sensation on the skin and may cause brushing in rare cases. Used both on its own and to complement liposuction, Tri-Active is one of the best spa treatments for cellulite because it causes a decrease in the appearance of cellulite for most women, while also tightening collagen in the skin.

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6. Radio Frequency Systems

If laser treatments aren’t what you want, a similarly effective way of dealing with cellulite uses radio frequency (RF) to heat deep layers of skin for a tightening effect. Shrinking fat cells helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the procedure is relatively painless, especially when compared to a professional cellulite massage.

7. Vela Smooth

A device that combines infrared lasers with radio frequency energy, Vela Smooth has shown better results than the other separate procedures, with better long term effects. The treatment can leave your skin red for up an hour, but studies have shown that six months after the initial treatment series the appearance of skin is still better than before Vela Smooth, which makes it one of the best spa treatments for cellulite.

9 Spa Treatments for Cellulite

8. Derma Sculpture

Body sculpting massages like Derma Sculpture don’t involve massage oils. While lypossage specifically targets the lymphatic system, this type of body sculpting is all about kneading the muscles and breaking up fatty tissue through mechanical force. It can lead to bruising and it’s more effective when combined with other types of anti-cellulite treatments.

9. Infrared Sauna

Considered one of the best spa treatments for cellulite and for a general detox, the infrared sauna uses light to create heat, directly in your body. Promising improved circulation and skin purification, the infrared sauna is more effective in treating cellulite when it follows a body wrap or a special massage. While you’ll sweat as much as in a regular sauna, studies have shown that the infrared sauna is safe an free of any side effects.

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