Acne Myths and Facts

Acne Myths and Facts

Acne is a skin disease that occurs when the follicle of a skin gland clogs up, develops an inflammation and, ultimately, an infection. Everyone can get acne and there are few things you can do to prevent it, when your skin is prone to acne. Here are some myths and facts about acne and some ways to control acne when pimples are making your life miserable.

Acne Myth: It Can Be Aggravated by Sunscreen

Just because you get acne all the time, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about sunscreen. Your skin can suffer massive damage if you don’t protect it from the UV rays, and skin cancer is the worst thing that could happen. The issue here is the sunscreen you choose to use, because the chemical ones can indeed cause heat pimples. Talk to your doctor and ask him to recommend you a zinc oxide based sunscreen, 100% safe for acne.

Acne Myth: It Can Be Caused by Eating Chocolate

Some studies have tried to prove that acne can be indeed caused by the foods you eat, but the data was never relevant enough to validate this assumption. Chocolate and beverages that contain caffeine were considered guilty for the skin inflammation, but there is no scientific proof to sustain this acne myth.

Acne Myths and Facts

Acne Myth: It Can Be Caused by Stress

Another acne myth says that your pimples can be caused by stress. The stress hormone, called cortisol, may contribute to the increasing of the acne inflammation, but only in a small extent. Doctors say that stress can’t be a sure cause of acne, maybe just an aggravating factor in some isolated cases.

Acne Myth: Only People with Poor Hygiene Get Acne

If you think hygiene is the problem with acne, think again! In fact, washing your face too often can deprive your skin of its natural protective oils that keep it beautiful and healthy. Don’t dry you skin too much even if you think it’s greasy. Use retinoid creams instead, they help your skin heal faster.

Acne Myth: You Can’t Cure Acne Naturally

Maybe you’re used to using expensive products, but don’t believe anyone that says you can’t cure acne naturally. In fact, there are some great ways to control acne with ingredients you keep in the kitchen! Try to use baking soda, lemon juice, a raw potato, ice or tea tree oil – they are all great ways to cure acne naturally, fast and effective!

Acne Myths and Facts

Acne Myth: Makeup Is Forbidden when You Have Acne

This is a half-true/half false myth about acne. There are, indeed, many makeup products that can make your acne look worse, especially those with thick textures that can clog pores. Try to avoid this type of makeup if you have acne, but use looser powder foundations made of natural minerals that can cover your zips and make you feel more secure about yourself.

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