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Adult Acne Skin Care Tips

Adult Acne Skin Care Tips

Acne can strike at the most unexpected moments, even when you’re just getting started with your anti-aging routine. Although apparently similar, adult acne generally has different causes, so the treatment will have to be different as well. The most common causes of adult acne are: hormonal imbalances or fluctuations, a hypersensitivity to androgens, stress, excess sebum, medication or even using the wrong cosmetics. Moreover, it seems that getting blackheads is an early sign that an acne breakout is on the way.

Eliminating the causes of acne breakouts might be ideal , however, it is not always possible. A good first step is analyzing your current beauty products and making a few changes if necessary. Oil free, non-comedogenic products are still the best choice for acne plagued skin. But don’t limit yourself to checking skin care products only: hair care products can also contain ingredients that might make your breakouts worse. Silicone-based products can also affect your skin, so taking a break from them might be advisable; look for ingredients with suffixes such as “ithicone” or “icate” to be able to determine whether the product contains silicone or not.

Adult Acne Skin Care Tips

Choosing the right cleanser is also extremely important when treating acne. When choosing a cleansing gel, make sure not to go for products marketed to teens as these are generally designed to control oily skin, while adults commonly struggle with drier skin.

A product containing 2.5 to 5 percent benzoyl peroxide or one with 2 percent salicilic acid might be good choices as these tend to beat inflammation while removing dead skin cells and bacteria. Make sure not to wash your face more than twice daily and avoid scrubbing too hard because otherwise you will do more harm than good. If these products don’t offer the results you hoped for after more than one month, a product containing retinol, an ingredient that will also help you fight wrinkles, can also be a good choice.

Your habits should also be carefully analyzed as they can make the situation a lot worse. The habit of touching your face frequently or resting your face on your hands can be very detrimental when struggling with acne. Similarly, although exercise can indirectly improve the way your skin looks, if you don’t rinse off perspiration from your face as soon as possible you might be inviting acne breakouts as perspiration mixes with skin oils clogging the pores.

Paying your dermatologist a visit is also a good idea as it might help you solve your problems more efficiently. Aside from prescribing an adequate treatment, the additional treatments that can be done at the doctor’s office tend to be more varied. Laser and intense pulsed light treatments are also available if you wish to treat acne scars or even breakouts. These treatments, however, are expensive, so exploring other options first is recommended.

Although factors such as your diet or other lifestyle habits might affect the way your skin looks indirectly, they shouldn’t be neglected. Limiting the intake of processed foods, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates will help you combat inflammation even more, thus improving your skin.

Adult Acne Skin Care Tips

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