Argan Oil Benefits

Argan Oil Benefits

Argan Oil Benefits

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit produced by the Argan tree which is indigenous in Morocco, being a rare and precious resource for treating a wide range of cosmetic and medical problems. Argan oil has a high percentage of essential fatty acids and phelnols being more resistant to oxidation than olive oil.

Health benefits

As far as health problems are concerned argan oil has proven to be highly effective for reducing inflammation and helping reduce the LDL cholesterol due to the high content of phytosterols. Moreover, it seems that argan oil have a beneficial impact on those who suffer from arthritis, being an effective pain reliever, or arteriosclerosis, protecting the cardiovascular system. Regular consumption of argan oil seems to have a beneficial impact on digestion and seems to be useful from for treating the irritable bowl syndrome, which is becoming a quite frequent problem nowadays. Our immune system can also be boosted with regular consumption of argan oil.

Skin care

Argan Oil Benefits

Moroccan women have used argan oil for centuries to treat several skin problems. Argan oil is a highly effective skin moisturizer that also has antimicrobial properties. Argan oil is a lot more than a simple moisturizer. Because it does not contain any cholesterol, it does not leave any residue on the skin helping to restore the natural pH of the skin.

The high content of fatty acids makes argan oil more effective than other natural skin moisturizers such as shea butter and olive oil.

It can help reduce skin inflammation, helping cure several dermatological disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne. This miraculous oil also called liquid gold can effectively cure acne scars or burns and treat blemishes. Those who would like to prevent stretch marks can also rely on this amazing oil especially during pregnancy when this problem is almost universal.

Anti-anging properties

Due to the high content of phenols argan oil can be successfully used to combat the premature aging of the skin. The phenols contained in the argan oil can help neutralize the damaging effect that pollution, smoking, stress and other free radicals can have on the skin. Argan oil can stimulate the process of skin renewal, helping the skin regain its elasticity and reduce wrinkles at the same time.

Argan Oil BenefitsArgan Oil Benefits

Hair care

Your tresses can definitely benefit from regular argan oil usage. It can help prevent split ends, help you deal with frizzy hair more effectively, can help repair damaged hair as well as helping restore the shiny glow that your tresses may have lost when subjected to various chemical treatments. Dry hair can become a thing of the past when using this incredibly effective moisturizer. Moreover, argan oil can also be used to treat hair loss and some people even claim that argan oil can help speed up hair growth naturally. With such amazing properties, it’s no wonder that the most reputable hair salons have already begun using it.

Nail care

Argan oil can be an effective solution when dealing with brittle nails. Applying a solution made with argan oil and lemon juice on the nails for about 15 minutes every night will help strengthen the nails and restore their natural shine. After you notice an improvement, it is recommended to continue using this treatment about once a week for best results.