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Aubrey O’day Hairstyles

Aubrey O’day Hairstyles

Aubrey O’day, the former band member of Danity Kane girl group formed on P. Diddy’s television show “Making the Band”, was loved by the audience especially for her Cali-girl look and her petite figure.

She has a great voice and great looks, a combo which made her stand out from the rest of the contestants and band members. Her beautiful long blonde tresses made her look very feminine and sensual. Long hair has always been considered very feminine and stylish. Aubrey’s long wavy hairstyle helped create a glamorous and sophisticated look. Long hairstyles are the most versatile hairstyles, and this allowed Audrey to experiment with her hair.

She was mostly seen wearing her hair curly/wavy, which allowed her hair to carry out volume. Her hairstyle made her look like a lioness, a powerful, confident woman. Due to her hair length and hair type Aubrey can style her hair differently every time she wishes. She can go curly, straight or wavy, loose or pulled up. This allows her to transform her look according to her preference, outfit and occasion.

Aubrey O’day Hairstyles Aubrey O’day Hairstyles

Aubrey O’day’s hair color changed from yellowish blonde to brown to platinum blonde. She seems to love her blonde tresses and she looks great with all hair colors because of her complexion as well as her eyes. The blonde tresses enhance her facial features, especially her eyes, making them stand out.

Her curly hair looks gorgeous. It seems that it matches her style and her facial features perfectly. She has been seen wearing her hair curly on several occasions. Her tresses are slightly layered to allow the curls more movement and definition. Curly hair is very easy to obtain especially if the hair is naturally curly. You can also obtain perfect curls by curling the hair with hair rollers or curling irons. Curly hair contributes to a stylish and sweet look.

Aubrey O’day Hairstyles Aubrey O’day Hairstyles

Straight hair looks fantastic. Aubrey’s sleek straight blonde hair looks unbelievably gorgeous. Straight hair has always contributed to a glamorous and sophisticated look. Since Aubrey’s hair is naturally wavy/curly her hair has a lot of volume when straightened. The hair can be straightened temporarily using a flat iron of permanently using chemical treatments like the Japanese hair straightening or the Brazilian keratin hair treatment.

Wavy hair looks great on Aubrey. It suites her Cali-girl appearance very well making her look cute yet stylish. Wavy hair is very easy to obtain with the help of a few styling products, a waving iron or a curling iron. The gentle waves contribute to a very stylish and care free look, a look which can be associated with almost any Californian girl.

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