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Bangs and Fringes

Bangs and Fringes

Bangs are back and fresher then ever… It seems that celebs are also taking advantage of the hot bangs hair trend and are experimenting with everything from wispy to rich blunt bangs. Which celebrity bangs do you think are right for you?

Jessica Simpson Dramatic and Angled Bangs

Some of today’s most modern, cutting-edge styles feature fringes that aren’t really fringes at all. Jessica’s hair is graduated into a an angled shape, so you she can wear the shorter layers as long fringe, or tuck them behind the ear for much more conservative look.Blow-dry and shine drops ensure a sleek, finish no matter how you style it.

Bangs and FringesBangs and Fringes

Christina Milian Cute and Wavy

You’ve got curly or wavy strands, but that shouln’t stop from getting fringe! Don’t bother trying to straighten them in contrast. Let those shorter upfront sections go with the flow and take on hair’s natural curl pattern. Diffuse-dry with curl-enhancer, then touch up individual pieces with a hot iron.

Mischa Barton’s Light and Wispy Fringe

Bangs and FringesBangs and Fringes

Hair that’s super fine and straight almost always looks best above shoulder level, and bangs add even more fullness to locks that might otherwise fall flat. However, if you can add curls to your tresses and even hair extensions, you can pull off a longer cut as well. Blow-dry with a vent brush, then mist with a very light shine spray to avoid weighing strands down.

Ashlee Simpson Razored and Edgy Bangs

Bangs and FringesBangs and Fringes

Skinny strands can stand up to lots of layering, which gives hair a thicker texture, major movement and an edgy look. For total rock star hair, blow dry everything forward with a vent brush and flat iron in sections. Use pomade and your fingers to ruffle through top strands for a messy, uncontrived finish.

Lily Allen’s Full & Blunt

Bangs and FringesBangs and Fringes

Long, straight hair has a tendency to just lay around if it’s not given some kind of defined style. Layers dusting the shoulders were the first step in giving the brunette’s locks movement.The second? Full, brow-brushing bangs that are completely current.Blow-dry and smooth locks with a defrizzing product for glowing surface.

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