Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Moving in together means sharing both space and objects. And it all comes to this: making your things and his somehow fit together. Women normally have plenty of beauty products that take a lot of space. You should know that not all of them are really useful and you can easily give up on some of them.

Do you find it hard to know what are the unnecessary beauty products? You shouldn’t worry, we did our research and here is what we came up with.

Cosmetic Products You Don’t Need


You usually use toner to cleanse your face, however, some dermatologists claim that its use is nowadays unnecessary because there are a lot of new and improved soaps that don’t leave the residues toners were initially meant to cleanse.

Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Foot Creams

Here is another beauty product you don’t need. You can easily replace them with hand creams or petroleum jelly. Just apply it a few times a week, put on some socks and you will get smoother legs while you sleep.

Body Firming Lotions

It’s summer and you simply want to rock your brand new sexy bikini. Well, dermatologists claim that anti-cellulite lotions and firming creams will not reduce cellulite on the long term. Most of these products contain caffeine and plant extracts amongst their ingredients. These help improving the blood flow and hydrate the skin, however, without a proper diet and constant workout, their effect will eventually wear off.

Shaving Cream

One of the main purposes of shaving cream was to soften hair follicles that will help the razor slide. But since nowadays shower gels have a lot of glycerin (for example, Dove Body Wash), a humectant that moisturizes your skin, there is no need for shaving cream. So, just throw it away because you don’t actually need two products with the same purpose.

Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

You should know that color enhancing care will not enhance your color. These shampoos have a lot of additives and they contain a temporary color stain which on the long term will turn out to be bad for your hair. If you want to preserve your color, you should shampoo less or use dry shampoo (this helps soaking up excess oils).

Split End Serums

Unfortunately, these serums will not eliminate split ends. The best they can do is to neutralize this static with some temporary results, which may create the illusion that your hair is smoother and shinier, when in fact, the best way would be to just get a haircut.

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