Beauty Products You Don’t Really Need

Beauty Products You Don’t Really Need

Considering the fact that most magazines are filled with the latest ‘must have’ products promoted by celebrities which are given generous amounts of money to do so as well as the fact that several new products appear almost every month and are said to contain so called miraculous ingredients that are supposed to help you get spectacular results it can be quite hard to distinguish which are the beauty products that are really needed and which not.

How can you tell which are the products that you really need and which are the ones which only increase your beauty budget? Here are a few examples of products that are not really worth spending your money on with only a few exceptions. Beauty Products You Don’t Really Need

Toners. Even though we have become used with the old formula ‘clean, tone, moisturize’ the truth is that most people can skip the toning part. Most dermatologists agree that toners are not really necessary since toner is mainly used to remove traces of makeup and residual cleaner as well as to absorb the active ingredients of other products. The product formulas that exist nowadays make toners unnecessary, especially for those who who have normal and sensitive skin. On the other hand toners can prove to be indeed useful for those have extremely oily skin and really needed the pore tightening effect they provide.

Separate moisturizing creams for various body parts. The popular culture has promoted the idea that different body parts need to be treated differently for best results. As a result we have different face and neck creams, decolletage cream, hand creams, foot creams eye creams and many others. However, if we really start thinking about it, the skin is not all that different in these body parts.

The face cream you use can be equally efficient for your neck and decolletage, your hands and even the eye area. If you don’t experience unpleasant effects such as irritation from your regular hydrating cream there is little reason to switch to a separate eye cream product. On the other hand if you have puffiness or fine lines, using an eye cream that has vitamin K, retinol and vitamin C might indeed prove to be useful. A similar logic can be applied for night creams for those who have mature skin. Beauty Products You Don’t Really Need

Face masks. Although they provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation and might smell interesting, the truth is that there is very little proof that these masks have actually have a long term beneficial effect. So if you really like the way your skin feels after a treatment of this sort it is best to save your money and make natural homemade facials with ingredients you can find in your kitchen. On the same token vajacial, which is essentially a facial for your private areas is another new beauty fad that is certainly not worth the additional hefty $60 price tag.

Hair repairing products. As much as we would like to undo the damage made by intensive heat based styling sessions the truth is that not even the most expensive product will be able to do that. No matter what hair care product might say split ends cannot be repaired as the only solution is gettinating the real causes of hair damage and preventing them is the g a trim. Eliminmost effective method to get healthy beautiful strands.

Anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkle products. While preventing and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines is entirely possible the sad truth is that in case of deep, noticeable wrinkles plastic surgery is the only method that works when it comes to removing them. The same goes for anti cellulite treatments. Even though procedures such as massages and body wraps along with anti cellulite creams might give the impression of an improvement, the effect is short lived as the cellulite is only temporarily hidden. A healthy lifestyle consisting of an adequate diet and regular exercise remain the best strategies for dealing with cellulite.

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