Beauty Tips for Teens

Beauty Tips for Teens

Enhance lips or eyes – never both!

Don’t go over the top! You’ll see if you choose to emphasize your eyes or your lips only, you’ll have a cute and natural look. Opt for bright eyeshadows and nude lips or apply darker lipstick but with minimal eye makeup.

The showy lip liner and striking eye liner combo won’t work. Pair some glam with the no-makeup look and you’ll create an age appropriate fresh, clean face.

Beauty Tips for Teens

The concealer is your BF

Concealers were created to blur and camouflage skin problems and imperfections. It must stay on the surface of your skin. That’s why you are advised use your fingertips to pat it onto the skin. Especially if you have problems with breakouts, you might find concealers incredibly handy. Use your finger to cover pimples, blemishes or scars with it.

Ditch heavy foundation

Young skin feels better without foundation. Professionals advise you to skip it in order to let your skin glow naturally. Indeed, those who have acne problems crave for a remedy to hide them, concealers will fulfill this role efficiently enough. Foundations can add some extra years to your real age. Why have a granny skin instead of a fresh and glowing complexion? But if you just can’t go that ‘bare’, opt for a tinted moisturizer.

Use baby oil and body lotion

This tip is peerless for a long-term beauty effect. Apply body lotion or baby oil right from your early ages, this will keep your skin moisturized and fresh. Believe it or not, you can nip wrinkles and skin problems in the bud. Teens are prone to think that their skin will stay young forever. WRONG! Take some preventive actions at a tender age.

Beauty Tips for Teens

Choose a fresh scent

I’m sure you are familiar with the breezy and fresh scents. You should opt for them rather than wearing an age inappropriate fragrance. You’ll notice on the dot that a bracing perfume reflects your youth and energy. Leave those refined and subtle scents to your Mom. Enjoy sporty and floral perfumes as long as you can. Try out the grooviest fragrances with your friends.

The best is to test

Teens as well as adults are highly advised to test some beauty products before they buy them. This group includes, powder, blush, foundation and lipstick. These are tricky issues, because for the perfect image you have to match them with your natural skin tone. Don’t be shy, ask the shop-assistant to help you in selecting the best shade, that’s his/her job. It can be fun to plan a beauty tour to the local department stores and beauty shops.

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