Best Beauty Tips for Redheads

Best Beauty Tips for Redheads

It takes a lot of effort to be a gorgeous redhead, whether you’re ginger or simply trying out a new color for your locks. Discover the best beauty tips for redheads that will help you maintain a beautiful glow and keep your makeup harmonious with your hair. 

Take a look at some of the best ideas when it comes to makeup and skin care and decide which options are right for you.

Get the right SPF for your Skin and Hair

If your skin is pale or if you have freckles, a moisturizer with SPF over 30 is a must! Keep your skin protected from the damaging UV rays by treating every day with a good SPF product every day, in every season. Get extra protection from other cosmetics with SPF, but don’t forget about your hair.

A vibrant red is a very difficult color to maintain if it’s artificial, so you should only use specially formulated shampoo and conditioner for maximum color on your hair. One of the best beauty tips for redheads urges you to avoid fading by spraying your hair with a UV protective product.

Go for Tinted Moisturizer Instead of Heavy Foundation

Best Beauty Tips for Redheads

Finding the right foundation to complement your skin and hair can be difficult, and you should avoid any foundation with a thick, heavy texture. A sheer tinted moisturized is often the most useful product to get a beautiful glow.

Don’t Just Settle for Black Eyeliner

When you’re using it in thick lines, black eyeliner can become to over-powering for your look, especially if you have a fair skin. Use it in thinner lines or simply pick any of the other colors that go so well with your red hair color.

Using softer shades of blue or green is one of the best beauty tips for redheads. For a clean and light look, line only the lower inner rims. Other great colors options include browns, purples and taupes.

Fill in Your Eyebrows

If red isn’t your natural hair color, you absolutely have to fill in your eyebrows with the right color or even tint them if the contrast between your brows and hair is too big. Even on natural redheads slim brows aren’t a good look. If you have really sparse eyebrows, you might need more than a pencil. Brow powder is the perfect option and the right color for your eyebrows is always a shade darker than your hair.

Be Bold with Your Lips

Best Beauty Tips for Redheads

Pink or soft peach are perfect shades that complement a redhead’s complexion and tresses, but that doesn’t mean you should stay away from red. A blue-based red is the most common choice, but it’s better to pick lipstick shades based on your skin undertones. If you have warm undertones you have even more colors to choose from. Using a sheer finish is one of the best beauty tips for redheads.

Go Easy on the Bronzer

Too much bronzer can easily turn into a bad look (see Lindsay Lohan), but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to use it at all. If the shades that work for your skin are too close to the color of your hair, you might be better off simply sticking to a nice highlighter.

Black Mascara

Don’t be afraid to go for black mascara if you’re not using heavy and dark eyeshadow colors. A soft brown can be a perfect choice for a natural look, but black really creates contrast and brings out your eyes. Redheads can easily rock a dark cat eye, but if you’re a fan of the smoky eye, you might stick to a lighter shade of mascara for that particular look.

Skip the Cool Eyeshadow

Best Beauty Tips for Redheads

Choosing warm shades when it comes to eyeshadow is one of the best beauty tips for redheads. When you go too cool, you can make your hair look washed out, especially when paired with a pink lip. If you’re tired of taupes and plums, make sure you add warmer colors on your cheeks to balance the coolness of your eyes.

Avoid Orange

An orange red can be a good look for redheads with yellow skin undertones, but a regular orange can ruin even the most sophisticated makeup. Instead of reds with a hint of orange, go with golden reds or berry-pink. A hot pink can be just as unpleasant as orange, and fuchsia can be too overpowering when it comes to both your skin and your hair.

Stick to the best beauty tips for redheads and you’ll manage to create the right looks for your beautiful red hair, whether it’s natural or brand new.

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