Best Body Brush for Dry Skin Brushing

Best Body Brush for Dry Skin Brushing

Recommend for dry skin to relieve itchiness and for any skin type for a full body detox, dry skin brushing is gaining well deserved popularity. Discover a few contenders for the title of the best body brush for dry brushing and a few tips on how to use them.

Popularized by the Finnish Dr. Paavo Airola in the 1960s, dry brushing has been around for centuries in Scandinavia and Russia as part of the skincare regimen. The benefits of dry brushing include reducing cellulite, helping the lymphatic system and stimulating circulation, while helping achieve a glowing look for your skin.

Ulta Far-Reaching Body Brush

With a length of 18″ and a removable handle, the Ulta body brush is ideal to reach your back then you don’t have a lot of mobility. The full wood design and the strap for your hand make it a very versatile product for dry brushing.

Clarisonic Cleansing Face & Body Brush Set

Clean and smooth your skin with this new generation face and body brush set by Clarisonic. Using three speeds for face and body, this body brush gently exfoliates and improves skin texture and is a great prep before applying self-tanning products.

Best Body Brush for Dry Skin Brushing

Merben International Soft Texture Jute Body Brush with Cotton Cord Handle

With a looped head and a short handle comfortable for extended use, the Merben is a strong contender to the title of the best body brush for dry brushing. Built with sisal fibers that are looped, it offers a firm surface for stronger strokes without getting scratchy.

Beachwood Spa Bath Brush

Ideal for cellulite dry brushing, this bath brush has firm bristles that manage to get the job done without an unpleasant sensation. With a wooden handle and natural fibers, it measures 16″, helping you brush all over fast.

Body Shop Round Body Brush

A great budget option, the Body Shop brush’s biggest flaw that keeps it from being recommended as the best body brush is the lack of a handle. It’s best used first thing in the morning, before showering, and it shouldn’t be used on the face.

Best Body Brush for Dry Skin Brushing

Best Body Brush and Dry Brushing Tips

If you decide to purchase a brush, make sure it’s made from natural fibers because synthetic ones can damage the skin. Tampico or cactus fiber bristles are a great choice for a brush that lasts for a long time.

Brush towards the heart to stimulate your lymphatic system and always do it right before a shower, following the treatment with an oil or lotion applied on damp skin.

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