Best Conditioners for Dry Hair

Best Conditioners for Dry Hair

Hair dryness is caused by a variety of factors that may or may not be under control. Hair dryness can be determined genetically in some cases, although this aspect might not be noticeable at first. However, most hair dryness is actually self induced through a variety of chemical treatment we subject our tresses to as well as intensive use of heat styling tools that damage the hair shaft, reducing it’s ability to retain moisture, which ultimately leads to dryness, fragility and hair frizz. A poor diet, deficient in the proteins and nutrients that your hair needs in order to be healthy is another common cause of for dull, dry hair. Last but not least, some medical conditions like hypothyroidism or anorexia can also cause hair dryness.

Establishing a good hair care routine is the surest way to deal with this problem effectively and get the look we desire. Aside from nourishing our hair from within with a diversified rich in the foods that contain the nutrients that contribute to the health of our locks the most, we must also make sure that we moisturize the hair properly form the outside by learning to choose the best products for our hair. Shampoos and conditioners are perhaps the products that most influence the way our hair looks so we should make sure that we make the right choices. Best Conditioners for Dry Hair

If in the case of shampoo things are relatively simple due to the fact that most producers make shampoos with special formulas for dry hair, when it comes to conditioners things get a little more complicated.

That’s because since all the conditioners serve a similar purpose, it can be really hard to distinguish between the the several brands and products that existing within the same brand.

It is generally accepted that the best type of conditioner for dry hair is a leave in conditioner because these conditioners have more oil in their formula and as a result they have a stronger impact when it comes to moisturizing your tresses.

This is also the reason while certain oils are highly recommended for this hair type. Olive oil, argan oil or jojoba oil are all excellent natural conditioning masks for this type of hair. When used in hot oil treatments, the active ingredients and nutrients from these oils penetrate the hair shaft deeper and help lock in moisture more effectively. Looking for conventional hair conditioners that contain jojoba oil and emu oil and other types of essential oils is also a good idea.

Other ingredients you should look for in a conventional conditioner are proteins and vitamins. B vitamins are especially useful for dry and damaged hair. Products that contain proteins are often labeled as being reconstructors because they coat the hair shaft making the hair immediately appear thicker.

Another type of ingredients that you might want to look for when choosing a conditioner for this hair type is EFA. Ingredients labeled as EFA are very similar to the oils produced naturally by our scalp so they work extremely well for this hair type as these ingredients are better absorbed.

If you have a sensitive scalp a good idea would be to try to avoid styling products that contain alcohol as these will undo all the good results that you can get by using rich conditioners. Try to opt for organic conditioners to avoid harsh ingredients that might dry your scalp even more. Although organic doesn’t necessary mean hypoallergenic, with all natural ingredients the risk seems to be lower. Experiment with a variety of homemade hair conditioners to be able to determine what works best for you and what doesn’t work.

Last but not least, don’t automatically assume that silicone based products are automatically good for you. There are several mixed reviews when it comes to these products that might have different effects depending on how dry your hair is.

Best Conditioners for Dry Hair

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