Best Dark Knee and Elbow Treatment Options

Best Dark Knee and Elbow Treatment Options

Knees and elbows lack sebaceous glands, which produce natural oils that keep skip hydrated. Because of this, they tend to get dry and dark much quicker than the rest of your skin. If you’re interested in the best dark knee and elbow treatments, try these simple solutions before using an extreme cosmetic procedure like skin bleaching.

Without the right dark knee and elbow treatment, you can feel less sexy and beautiful and start picking tops or skirts that hide these areas. If you want to get your fashion freedom back, start taking care of your knees and elbows the right way to lighten them and stop worrying about dryness and skin tone.

What Causes Dark Knees and Elbows?

The dry skin is these areas is naturally darker, but dirt trapped in the tiny folds of skin can also add to the tone of your skin. The wrong way of approaching the problem is to expect that the problem can be fixed instantly with skin bleaching or other dangerous cosmetic techniques. The best dark knee and elbow treatment involves a bit of time and patience, but with the proper maintenance and the right natural remedies, you’ll get them looking better fairly quickly. Applying pressure on your elbows and knees can also lead to darkening so make sure you’re not resting your arms on your elbows too much when you’re seated at a desk.

Best Dark Knee and Elbow Treatment Options

Moisturizing and Exfoliating Dark Knees and Elbows

In order to get rid of the darker tone of your knees and elbows, you’ll have to exfoliate them properly and moisturize carefully until the skin gets back the hydration it’s been missing. After every bath or shower, use a powerful moisturizing lotion. You can also go the natural route, with olive oil or coconut oil. Both of these natural oils help lock moisture in your skin for a longer period of time.

When you’re dealing with dark knees and elbows, you should also moisturize with lotion throughout the day, every time you notice your skin is dry. A good option when you’re dealing with dry and rough skin is an overnight treatment. You can use a deep moisturizing lotion, natural oils, petroleum jelly, cocoa butter, or shea butter. Apply it on the problem area, wrap it in a clear plastic wrap and top it off with socks with the end parts cut off. In the morning, you’ll feel your skin a lot softer and proper hydration always helps with the darker color.

Exfoliation can sometimes be the best dark knee and elbow treatment. You can be a bit more rough on these areas, either with a scrub or with a loofah or pumice stone, but never treat your elbows or knees as roughly as you do your heels. You can use a natural scrub up to three times a week, but twice should be enough for good results.

Best Dark Knee and Elbow Treatment – Natural Solutions

The most simple way to bleach these problem areas naturally is using freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can also simply rub a quarter of a lemon on each ares. If you’re only dealing with dark elbows you can also cut the lemon in half. Don’t wash the juice off, leave it on overnight and wash your knees and elbows in the morning. Remember to apply sunscreen after using lemon juice if your clothing will expose your elbows and knees.

Natural Scrubs for Knee and Elbow Lightening

With a few scrubs and simple treatments, you can hurry the process along. Use these natural ingredients to bleach your dark elbows and knees once you’ve started moisturizing and exfoliating these areas properly.

Baking Soda and MilkMake a paste using a tablespoon of baking soda and a little milk. Rub it in circular motions for 2-3 minutes as a natural dark knee and elbow treatment.

Brown Sugar and Olive OilThis excellent scrub (in equal parts) has a thicker consistency and can be gently rubbed on the problem areas for up to 5 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar and YogurtAnother contender for the title of best dark knee and elbow treatment, this great mixture should be allowed to dry before rubbing the skin in circular motions for a minute or two and washing the residue away.

Aloe Vera gel can also leave your skin smooth and light, but it should only be washed off after 30 minutes.