Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

Starting with the color wheel is the easiest way to choose the best eyeshadow for brown eyes. Make you eyes stand out by wearing the opposite shades from the color wheel and you’ll get the most flattering and sophisticated brown eye makeup.

Besides being able to pull off both brown and black eyeliner, women with brown eyes have probably the most colors to choose from when they’re looking for that amazing eyeshadow that will really help them achieve a great look.

Best Colors for Brown Eye Makeup

Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

Based on the color wheel, having brown eyes allows you to wear a big variety of eye makeup colors, from teals, purples, blues and pinks to neutrals like taupes, coppers, bronzes and chocolates.

Smoky eyes can be a great look for brown eye makeup, as long as you use colors that compliment your eyes instead of cold metallic shades. Try the NYX Smoky Eyeshadow PaletteBest Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes ($6.99), which features the perfect eyeshadow colors for a smouldering smoky makeup for brown eyes. Chocolate browns, caramel and gold highlights can help you achieve an impressive smokey eye look.

Best Eyeshadow for Deep Brown Eyes

Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes, that are borderline black, are suited for medium to dark shades. Get a handheld mirror and look closely at your irises in the daylight. Focus on the lighter specks of color in your eyes, those will help you choose the right shades for highlighters.

Mauves and dark browns are excellent colors, that can be highlighted with bronze and gold, but charcoal gray, plum or forest green can look equally pleasing.

Best Eyeshadow for Medium Brown Eyes

Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

From violets to coppers, medium brown eyes allow you the greatest freedom when choosing amazing eyeshadow. Bronze, purple or green work best for day and for more dramatic evening looks you can even combine a neutral eyeshadow with metallic eyeliner.

Best Eyeshadow for Light Brown Eyes

Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

The best tip for light brown eye makeup is avoiding black eyeliner. Choose a darker brown shade and experiment with lighter highlights, like pale yellow.

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