Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?

Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?

Blonde hair can be a big statement for black men and some consider the look very uncool, while others have jumped on board the trend. Thanks to celebrity looks, black guys with blonde hair feel more comfortable about their look, but is is really trendy?

While women get to express their personality through their hair in every conceivable way, black men with blonde hair still get a raised eyebrow for this contrasting look. Does that have to do with a view on masculinity in general or simply with a look that can be hard to pull off?

Black Men with Blonde Hair

Chris Brown has sported short blonde hair for a while, but most of the criticism aimed at his style choice had more to do with his personality and violent past than the style itself.

Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?

Many black celebrities have experimented with blonde hair, but the look hasn’t always been popular. Sisqo was one of the first to bring this daring look into the mainstream, but other singers soon followed. Even R. Kelly has tried the blonde look, while British drum’n’bass artist Goldie has been rocking the black guy with blonde hair look ever since the 90s.

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Athletes have also tried the look. Dennis Rodman’s blonde hair has been replicated by other black men, from American basketball player Ron Artest to French footballer Djibril Ciss√© and and British goalkeeper David James.

Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?

Chris Brown Blonde Mohawk and New Blond Do

Singer Chris Brown has been trying out short blonde hair ever since 2020, but his first attempt at a more edgy look dates back to 2020, when he showed up at the BET Awards with blond-ish tone ends created on a short hairstyle.

Chris Brown’s hair color was still tame compared to his most recent platinum blond look, but it was copied by many black men with blonde hair. Brown doesn’t care about what other people think about his hair color: “I was laughing at some of the jokes on Twitter. I got ‘gold dust’, ‘Amber Rose’, ‘Sisqo. ‘ But I just laugh at them. I don ‘t care about people ‘s opinions as much anymore.”

Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?Black Guys with Blonde Hair: Trendy or Uncool?

In 2020, the Chris Brown mohawk haircut isn’t very popular and even the singer gave it up for very short hair, that’s still dyes blond every now and then.

Going from Black Hair to Blonde

If you want to be a black man with blonde hair you should definitely try the look at a salon, since the extreme hair bleaching needed doesn’t always lead to the intended results.

Without the help of a professional, you might end up with bright orange hair that’s far from a cool outcome.

It’s always best to prepare your hair before bleaching if it’s already colored. Use a hair dye color remover for up to three times before bleaching and remember to condition your hair regularly after going blond.

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