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Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles

Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles

This summer you are granted with a great favor by the most respected and beloved hair gurus of our time. As runway hair styles illustrate easy updos as well as Boho waves are some of the most popular way to sport our strands especially when we struggle with heat and other extreme conditions. This time however you’ll be able to play down the time spent with hair sculpting and the use of endless hair styling tools. Instead creativity is all that you need and maybe a few instructions to surprise yourself with a cute gift in the shape of a groovy blow-dry free summer hair style. These glossy and at the same time soft and textured hair styles would make you a real beach fairy for the rest of the season as well as during the upcoming rainy days.

Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles

Side-Braided Hair Styles

Complete your hair styling tricks with the latest braiding styles. These from the simple French braid style to the more complex fishtail braids would give those extreme pleasure who are fond of experimenting with brand new styles. In this case however you can also stick to the simple and college girl style look as the ones above. All you have to do is to sweep your strands to the side and braid them with the classy techniques in a tighter or loose updo. Remember first you should choose the best hair part for your face shape as well as the texture of the actual hair style.

The flirty look is immediately created with the help of the flyaway and Romantic strands that move in their own way rather then fixed to the head. In this case all you have to is to rely on the wavy or sleek texture of your hair and make sure you skip the use of hair styling tools or products as these would only ruin the Boho chic vibe of your side braided hairdo. Instead wait while the hair is completely dry preferably with the help of natural air rather than a blow dryer, then braid your tresses.

Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles

Messy Bun Hair

Tousled looks are all hair type- and also age-appropriate as hair stylist claim. Moreover the past years and the present proved that these groovy hair styles can also be worn and promoted also in all seasons. Summer is however perfect to let our strands rest in an a neat and chic tied up hairdo. Use the heat as the perfect prerogative to sport your locks into a dapper messy bun. Place the cute bump higher or lower depending on your preferences. It is also worth mentioning that these loose and softened hair styles are also perfect to avoid damage and breakage. Keep the hair relaxed and use bobby pins to secure the proper support. In this case it is also important to let your locks dry naturally then create this youthful and quick hair style.

Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles Blow-Dry Free Summer Hair Styles

Beach Waves Hair Style

Blow-dry free hair styles aim to teach you how to work with what you’ve got and juggle with the natural texture of your hair rather than changing its condition. These beside protecting your hair from the various enemies would also cheer up your hairdo repertoire with additional tricks that can be easily copied and polished to perfection. Beach waves are also some of the ‘no touch’ summer hair styles that won’t steal not even a minute from your preparation for a beach drive.

Instead in order to create them all you have to do is use braids as the initial techniques then release them when the hair is completely dry to enjoy the Glamazon effect. Tighter braids would result in more voluminous waves as the hair gets to take up a more defined and static shape. Whereas those who would like to skip braiding can appeal to scrunching as an additional method to pull off the loose dos. All you have to do is use your favorite hair styling products and only a drop of them for the desired impression.

Chic Half-Updo

Have you wondered how could you merge the uber-popular updos styles and steal highlight the dimensions of your hair and hair lenght? The answer is indeed chic half-updos that featured also on the runway some of them in a more romantic and sensual mastery others relied on the effect of smooth textures and angles. The half-updos presented above offer your the two extremes of this simple and easy-t-handle hair style. Tie the upper layer of your hair into a ponytail and leave the rest of the strands loose on your shoulder. Decide on the impression you are eager to create and match the right look to your preferences. Again this time you are also acquitted of the use of blow dryer and other hair styling tools.

Images via ELLE.com, Style.com

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