Bold and Beautiful Updo Hairstyles

Bold and Beautiful Updo Hairstyles

The modern woman is expressing herself through fashion, makeup and hairstyles. A special occasion always brings the need to underline our best qualities and a beautiful updo hairstyle will always be up for the job. Each person is unique, thus variety is essential when it comes to hairstyles, so if you’re looking for a stylish updo hairstyle – as updos are a definite must when it comes to special occasions – take a peek at the following up styles and draw inspiration for your next look.

Hair length is crucial when it comes to fixing up your hair, and for all the women who want to benefit from stylish updo hairstyles, but just don’t have the necessary length, temporary hair extensions can be used, so you can now glam-up your look without too much effort.

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From sleek ballerina buns to high top knots, elegant twists and fab chignons, the options are numerous, so opt for a classy look that you feel it suits your style. Some bobby pins, hair elastic, a flat iron and hairspray are all you need to look amazing. If you wish to create a gorgeous, round and oversized chignon, you can turn towards special hair donuts made out of sponge that allow you to style your hair into super-sized buns in a perfectly round shape. Gather all the hair back or allow a few hair strands to fall gently around your face. Another great way to give a modern touch to your do is to use some hair styling wax to mold various hair strands which you’ll then pin close to your hair as desired.

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A loosely styled updo looks amazing and very modern. So, if you’re searching for a hairstyle that is elegant and different, go for a fab ‘do with a retro vibe. Pin your luscious locks up on top of the heal leaving the hair close to the scalp sleek straight while the hair on top is curled or styled loose. The contrast between textures will make your hair stand out and steal the attention, giving off a nonconformist, yet modern vibe without drawing you into the ‘eccentric’ zone.

Half up/half down hairstyles are perfect for the incurable romantic woman, so make the best out of your long locks by pinning only half of your hair up. Half updos look best when styled curly or wavy, so make sure you give your locks that extra curl/wave definition that will make a difference. Whether you opt for a voluminous beehive ‘do, a simple half up style or a stylish twisted side pony, you will look amazing, innocent and sexy at the same time. Experiment and find the perfect matches for you!

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