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Brown Babe Summer Makeup

Brown Babe Summer Makeup

Summer is here, so it’s time to update your make-up by following the new trends! This year’s summer make-up trends are all about freshness, so a glowing complexion, sculpted cheeks, glossy nude or bright colored lips and well defined eyes are a must. From neutrals to pretty pinks, metallics and vibrant tones, everything goes, and since most tones compliment a tanned skin, use the shades that you feel most comfortable wearing. However, if you can’t seem to decide, take a peek at the following makeup look and see if it’s perfect for you.

If it’s pretty hard to choose what suits you best, match colors and textures to your skin tone.

Brown babe or beach bronzed skin?

Brown Babe Summer Makeup

A fantastic color that works well with those with heavily tanned skin or darker skin is beautiful blues. These are predominant in fashion right now with everything from subtle shimmers and glossy eye colors.The best way to wear blue is as a bold eye which you can team with any of your favorite blue items this season or use it to update your little black dress.

But, if it’s something with a bit more daytime allure attached, a glowing, neutral makeup is your best pick!

How to Get the Look

Brown Babe Summer Makeup

Make-up Base: Cover the skin with a light base or a tinted moisturizer to give your skin a natural glow.

Eyes: Using a metallic deep brown-golden toned eyeliner to line your eyes from the outside in 3/4 of the way on both the top and the bottom lids. Aim for a slightly heavier application and smudge with either a finger or a damp cotton swab as you would if you were lining a smokey eye. Next using a copper shimmer eyeshadow apply a light coating of color around the outside of the lined eye on both the top and the bottom. On the top go no further than the crease.

Blend in the eye makeup on both the top and bottom in an outwards direction towards the outside corner of your eye. The effect should be subtle with most of the metallic brown showing, not the eyeshadow. Dab a spot of light gold shimmer powder on the very inner corner and brush a small amount over the crease of the upper lid. Define lashes with two coats of brown mascara or black mascara.

Lips: Pair the dramatic sultry eye makeup with toned down lips for balance. A nude or nearly nude lip with a slight shimmer or shine will add interest but will not seem overdone.

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