Celebrities with Bad Skin: Acne and More

Celebrities with Bad Skin: Acne and More

Plenty of celebrities with bad skin manage to hide these flaws with professional makeup on the red carpet, but paparazzi pics highlight their imperfections. Check out a comprehensive list of celebrities with bad skin, including the worst cases of acne in Hollywood.

Celebrities with acne have access to a lot of expensive treatments at luxury spas, but acne is a resilient problem that doesn’t go away no matter how much money you throw at it.

Celebrities with Bad Skin: Acne Problems

While her skin always looks flawless in her videos and on the red carpet, Katy Perry is one of the many celebrities with bad skin who suffer from severe acne. An equally serious case of worst celebrity skin is that of Cameron Diaz, who’s had many breakouts over the years and has to carefully manage both her skincare routine and her diet.

For Keira Knightley, flawless skin is “part of the make-believe world of cinema”. The British actress has confessed to being one of the many celebrities with acne and her complexion looks scary in paparazzi pics.

Celebrities with Bad Skin: Acne and More

Alicia Keys and Alicia Silverstone are also included on the list of celebrities with bad skin since they both suffer from ugly breakouts which they manage to hide on the red carpet.

Britney Spears’ flawless skin is also an illusion as the singer has been photographed with severe acne breakouts over the years. As she reduced the stress in her life, her complexion seems to have cleared up as well.

A problem for many celebrities with bad skin, acne, also affected Jessica Alba during her pregnancy, along with Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus, but they all managed to hide it well with the right makeup.

Celebrities with Bad Skin: Acne and More

Worst Celebrity Skin

Aaron Carter has one of the worst cases of acne, but the singer has also been treated for substance abuse, which may have played a role in the breakouts.

A top contender for the title of worst celebrity skin, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t suffer from acne, but her skin pigmentation is uneven and her complexion is dull, so the 26 year old actress often looks like she’s in her 40s because of caked makeup.

LeAnn Rimes could also be on the list of celebrities with bad skin, since she suffers from psoriasis, but the country singer avoids going out in public when she suffers from flares.

Acne scars are a big part of the problems faced by celebrities with bad skin and Brad Pitt is an obvious example. Other actors worthy of the worst celebrity skin title thanks to acne scars include Brian Cox, Laurence Fishburne, Ray Liotta and Bryan Adams.

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