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Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets

Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets

Anti-aging secrets of the stars start with discipline when it comes to the rules dermatologists give all their patients. Check out the most important anti-aging secrets you could be using too.

Cindy Crawford: Anti-Aging Secrets

When you think “anti-aging secret”, the first celebrity that comes to mind is the gorgeous Cindy Crawford. The international supermodel claims hair color and health have a bigger impact on her overall look than any plastic surgery would.

Keeping your hair in the right shade for your age isn’t exactly one of the best kept secrets of anti-aging, but spending your time and money on a professional colorist is something a lot of women forget about, focusing on creams and miraculous cures.

When it comes to celebrity anti-aging secrets, the right type of skin care makes all the difference.

Celebrity Anti-Aging SecretsCelebrity Anti-Aging Secrets

Anti-Aging Secrets: Regular Exfoliation

Most celebs don’t go longer than a month without a good, professional facial for proper exfoliation. Scrubs can be used at home weekly, but a more complex treatment keeps the skin looking fresh.

Proper exfoliation also increases blood flow in all layers of the skin and chemical peels after 40 are one of the most obvious, but expensive, anti-age secrets.

Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets: Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen each and every day, from the warmest summer afternoons to the coldest winter mornings, is one piece of advice most celebrities follow religiously.

Applying sunscreen with the right SPF for each season is important, but the most important anti-aging secret is the repeated application throughout the day.

Most Important Anti-Aging Secret: Retinoids

Prescription retinoids are recommended by more and more dermatologists as a big anti-aging secret for women over 40. Using them to control breakouts starting with your 20s can have great long lasting effects in the long run.

Collagen production and improvement of skin elasticity are excellent benefits of retinoid cosmetics, but you don’t necessarily need a prescription. Try the Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Pad or the Ren Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate to try the effects before getting a prescription for stronger products.

Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets

Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets: Quick Reaction to Problems

Having the time and money to go see a dermatologist for any skin problem is a luxury that celebrities have, but it’s not a solution for everyone. Treating inflammation of the skin quickly is a great anti-aging secret and preventing it is even better. Treat your skin with creams rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid and use acne products with salicylic acid.

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