Celebrity DIY Glam Hair Styles

Celebrity DIY Glam Hair Styles

Were you always impressed and mesmerized by the latest hair style designs promoted and polished by celebs. Then you’re at the right place to be provided with the best blueprints to create your own red carpet dos with the following chic celebrity DIY glam hair styles. It might seem that celebrities have also a fondness for the easy-to-handle still sophisticated do. Long gone are the days when red carpet looks were topped with a hair design that is too complex and vision-challenging. Instead pro hair stylists managed to adapt the stylish buns and twists to glamorous events to be able to pair them with glittery and sparkling gowns and apparels in general.These are some of the DIY hair styles you can experiment with and honor the special moments or casual outings with your friends with a similar enchanting do.

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Top Buns

The runway offered the perfect examples to fuel the boosting popularity of top buns. Those who are fond of the suave updos will have the privilege to sport a similar easy-to-create still uber-polished do it its endless variations. These alluring celebs illustrate how top knots and buns can be perfectly matched with stylish red carpet outfits exposing what’s best in the face of these beauty divas. Thanks to the tamed and smooth texture of the look it is wise to accentuate the eyes as well as the spotless skin to make a real style statement.

Both medium and long locks can be easily tied into a simple bun at the top spot of the head. Indeed top buns are the modern and upgraded version of the old school updos that would enhance our look with an up-to-date still retro-inspired fab flair. Tie your tresses into a cute high ponytail and twist the locks around the base. Use high quality bobby pins in order to provide the locks with the proper support and finish up the do with hairspray or any other hair styling product that secure the long-lasting effect of your style.

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Side Bun Hair Styles

Name something more romantic than a fabulous side bun. Indeed there are few hair style designs that make a more smashing impression then the classy buns with a tint of classy sex-appeal. Celebrities claim themselves great fans of the side bun as it is one of the most refined and sophisticated hair styles that can be paired also with medium locks.Go for a sleek and silky do with perfectly smooth and shiny locks or a less tamed design with flyaway and loose tresses.

Choose the perfect hair part and leave your blunt bangs free or embed these strands into your do. Your preferences will define the actual look further upgraded with additional details as braids and twists if you wish to top the effect. Gather your locks to the side and tie them into a stylish ponytail then pin the locks to the head with cute bobby pins and secure the spotless condition of your hair with hairspray.

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Side-Braided Hair Styles

Braids were crowned the all time winner hair styles in the past years. Experimenting with the endless patterns and designs is great fun, therefore why not adopt it when we prepare for special events or would like to make a memorable impression on someone. Go for the fab side-braided hair styles to look age-appropriate and radiate a mermaid allure with a tint of glam and high class. Your preferences for the polished or on the contrary loose and laid-back looks will determine the outcome of your do. Take a peek at these celeb looks and make sure you steal their style for guaranteed standing ovation paid to your refined do. Choose either the classy French plaits or go for the other hyper-popular patterns as the fishtail design.

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Soft Waves Hair Styles

Updos might not be the real deal for you when preparing for a glam event? Then make sure you take a tour in realm of classy and fab downdos. Soft waves would do miracles with your locks especially if your hair is in a flawless condition. Moreover there’s no need to torture your hair with any radical hair treatments instead use a high quality curling iron or hot rollers to achieve similar results and rise above the mass with your radiating and beguiling do. Dress up your tresses with these sylph-like waves and pair the do with the perfect hair part that suits your face shape. Whether you are a fan of glamorous and texturised dos or prefer the swept-to-the-side styles the point is to wear your style with attitude and confidence.

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