Celebrity Hairstyles Trendsetters

Celebrity Hairstyles Trendsetters

Whenever we think about hairstyles that have managed to impress us, our mind invariably seems to go to various celebrity hairstyles. This tendency is not surprising at all, considering the fact that celebrities have an army of hair stylist who are ready to offer the best advices when it comes to the most flattering and trendy hairstyles that would suit them perfectly, not mention the fact that their tresses tend to look fabulous and healthy no matter how many styling techniques or chemical hair treatments have been used on them.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to look for inspiration from the most stylish celebrities whenever you want to perk up your style and look different. Here are a few celebs that have proven their excellent tastes when it comes to hairstyles on multiple occasions and that have become worthy role models for women all around the world:

Lauren Conrad Considered one of the most successful young actresses of the moment, Lauren Conrad has manged to impress the entire world with her excellent tastes in fashion.

After she launched her first clothing line back in 2020, she has consolidated her position as fashion icon becoming one of the most stylish celebrities that have ever walked on the red carpet. Up until now, this beautiful fashionista has never been seen with an outfit or a hairstyle that has not suited her perfectly. Whether she chose a classy pony hairstyle, a vintage updo or laid-back boho chic waves, she always managed to be recognized for her amazing style.

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Taylor Swift The talented singer, songwriter and actress has always been admired for her amazing hair style choices. Taylor Swift usually opts for a natural looking hairstyles that enhance her balanced facial features beautifully.

Lovely angelic curls seem to have become an important part of her signature style, attracting a myriad of positive compliments every time. Taylor Swift manages to demonstrate the value of a signature style while also being an accurate example when it comes to proving that simple,classy hair styles can sometimes highlight our natural beauty more than highly complex hairstyles.

Pixie Lott A huge sensation of the last year, a singer with an enormous potential and a great future ahead of her, Pixie Lott has quickly become one of the most reliable role models when it comes to style, demonstrating an amazing ability to choose hairstyles that give her a unique allure. Her style tends to be an eclectic one, although the beautiful singer tends to have a strong preference for Bohemian hairstyles, as she has demonstrated on several occasions so far.

Whether she opts for luscious curls to show off her gorgeous tresses or she chooses a wonderful partially braided casual hairstyle she always seems to find ways to personalize her look by adding a unique touch trough various methods. Pixie definitely know how to take advantage of the power that hair accessories can have in transforming a hairstyle.

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Rihanna If we would have to name one celebrity that has managed to reinvent herself over the years and become the ultimate trendsetter, we would definitely think of Rihanna. Since her debut in 2020, her musical career has moved on a continuous upward spiral and her style has evolved accordingly. Her hairstyles have suffered a series of radical transformations as she gained the courage to try a variety of hairstyles and different hair colors. Although the styles she tried were edgy and modern, she was never afraid of change, being proud of her choices as they were virtually perfect for her features every single time.

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