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Change Your Hair Color: Go Blonde

Change Your Hair Color: Go Blonde

How to Go Blonde

Want to be blonde?Don’t make a move until you’ve read these essential tips on making the change! Picking the prefect blonde can be a difficult decision to make alone. Book a consultation with your stylist first so that you can discuss your options before going ahead. Skin tone is very important when choosing the right blonde: warmer skin may not suit a very light platinum blonde and certain shades can leave you looking washed out.

There are many color techniques that you may not know about. Again, it’s best to speak to your colorist and ask to show you what’s the difference between block color and highlights. Your colorist should be undergoing continuous color training and should always have a new technique up their sleeve.

Change Your Hair Color: Go Blonde

Treatments are very important after going blonde. If possible try to deep condition colored hair once a week as good shine is vital to helping your hair look great. Intense and vivid color made a huge visual impact on the catwalk.

One of the key shades was cool, icy blonde with model Agyness Deyn leading the way at the Stella McCartney show. Other designers such as Gareth Pugh fuse black with ash blonde for a dramatic twist. These looks are becoming increasingly popular with clients after a more dramatic look. New techniques are being used to help them stand out from the crowd.

Always understand the lingo and know what to ask for fine highlights produce a very subtle effect where as slices give a stronger and bolder look.A full head of block color gives you one color all over. It can be quite a shock if you’re not prepared yourself for a drastic change. Be sure to gather some pictures of some of the effects and tones that you want to show your stylist before going ahead.

Change Your Hair Color: Go Blonde

It’s important to keep your blonde at its best and the amount of maintenance required will depend on what color technique you’ve had. For instance, a full head of light blonde will probably need retouching every four weeks whereas subtle highlights could have longer lifespan. Try not to over do it with curlers and flat irons as this could dry out the hair and make it appear dull and lifeless. After making the change to blonde always use a thermal protector when using heated appliances. Once you have gone blonde, you will also find that your hair takes longer to dry. Hair needs to be “lifted” to achieve a lighter shade.

This process ends to make your hair more porous – which means it is holding more water. As a result, you need to allow more time for styling.

Now you’ve decided to become blonde, you should definitely prepare for having more fun! However, it’s only fun if you follow the rules, so look after your hair well and don’t overdo it. If you are going to take the plunge to becoming blonde this season, ask your stylist to use three different shades of blonde. This always works extremely well whether you’re having a full head of highlights. As the light bounces off the various shades, the blonde looks shiny and healthy – it can also help the color look more natural. Good luck with the change and have fun!

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