Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas

Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas

Finding the make up trends that are both inspiring and can be created without the skills of a make up artist is a real challenge and also fun. Those who stepped onto the field of make up just now might need a few basic guidelines on how to apply the top chic punk eye make up ideas of the season. These shades aim to shift the ultimate attention to your glimpse and also grant you with the chance to feel unique and stylish. Though some might restrict the use of vibrating tones and profound effects to the party season, you still can decide whether these are wearable and appropriate also for other special events too. Look through the most beloved and popular colors and find the ones that suit your fantasy of a cool Punk make up.

Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas

Red Smokey Eyes

No wonder Vampire looks are often associated with the fans of alternative make up trends.The redsmokey eyes is one of the top sought-after designs that can’t be skipped if you claim yourself a real make up-style-trotter. Instead raid the store or your beauty kit for the most vivid and profound red shades. In this case prepare the canvas foryour art with the help of a make up primer. Make sure you uniformly cover the lids in order to secure the smashing effect.

Then as illustrated in this pic apply the red eyeshadow to your lids.Make sure you don’t limit yourself to the use of one single tone instead rely on the effect of a multi-tonal make up. Apply this time the darker tone to the crease and the lighter on on the lids. Apply the same shade to the lower lashline to highlight the flirtatious shape of your eyes. For a more visionary and out-of-this-world impression tint the inner corners of the eyes with white or silver eye shadow. Don’t nforget about mascara for a fabulous and worth-of-envy-glimpses effect.

Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas

Messy Black Eye Make Up

Apparently this eye shadow trend blurs all the golden and respected rules of classy make up.Indeed turning a blunder into art might need more skills than creating a time-tested and average look. Therefore those who are still keen to experiment with the messy black eye should consider a few principles worth taking into account before heading to the mirror.First and foremost all you have todo is get hold of all the top notch shades of ebony, black as well as dark grey.These would serve as the best recipe to look fabulous and up-to-date.

Pull off the well-known smokey eye look, start with the classy black eyeliner to accentuate the unique line of your eyes. Then continue with the application of the cream or powder eye shadow to the lids,make it uniform and profund for the vibrating visual effect.After you finished this step proceed to the trickiest partof this make up and use your mascara this time to draw those muted and super-slim lines to the lids,the crease as well as under the eyes.

The more gentle you’ll be the more expressive the make up will become. Though this is one of the runway trends of the year still those who prepare for a stylish party might embrace it for a voguish change. This make up suits all eye colors as well as skin tones.

Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas Chic Punk Eye Make Up Ideas

Bright Rainbow Eyes Make Up

One of the most crowd-pleasing and colorful trend in make up the bright rainbow eyes make up managed to pave its way to the top of party make up trends this year.Indeed the use of the different still not clashing shades would create a harmonious and eye-pleasing effect. As in this case apparently orange and purple were never so close in their fabulous effect than when combined into a similar fusion.Therefore grab your multi-tonal eye shadow kit and choose at least two tones to pull off a similar smashing look.

The primer would be again a great idea to enjoy the real and intensive tone of these shades. Then apply one of the fabulous colors to the lower lashline as it would initiate the application of the rest of the make up. Embrace the winged eye make up trend if you would liketo make a statement with your glimpse. Then proceed to the next stage.

Use the second tone only to highlight the crease area or apply it to the lids.For a more versatile rainbow make up look appeal to various shades that can be both contrasting. In this case there’s no need to blend them into a single tone,instead leave them in their unique and amazing texture and color in order to promote the cheerful allure of a similar Punk make up idea. Mascara still remains on the fornt position when it comes of emphasizing the eyes and also lashes. Use black in this case as it would suit all the chromatic parade you created.