Christian Bridal Makeup – How to do

White dress needs to be accessorised wisely and also use of correct make up is essential to get a very delicate look in Christian Weddings. Use of silver and pinks is the most preferred and safe option.

Here is a detailed version of make-up steps that you can follow for a simple yet elegant look on your big day.


Christian Bridal Makeup – How to do:

1. For the Base: Conceal Problem Areas:

  • Use a good concealer to hide dark spots and patches, under eye circles and fine lines on face. Also apply concealer on the neck where required to get an overall even look.

Select Base According to Skin Tone and Apply:

  • Use a similar or lighter shade of the skin tone and give base to the make-up. This will not only enhance the make-up but will make it long lasting.

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Dab Base Properly:

  • Use a make-up puff to make the base stay and dab it on face and neck to blend and give a smooth base.

Do Face Correction to Highlight Facial Features:

  • Highlight cheek bones and jaw line to enhance the shape of the face. Then highlight the opposite areas and blend well.

Apply Face Powder on face and neck and blend well:

  • Finally, apply face powder and blend to the skin to give a smooth finish to the base and also dab off extras that can make the look cakey.

2. Eyes:

Start Eye Make Up by applying Loose Powder:

  • Apply loose powder on the eyelids and under the eyes.

Apply Silver Highlighter on Brow Bone and Eye Area:

  • Thoroughly cover the brow bone, crease and eye balls with a silver highlighter. There are various shades, so choose one that suits the skin tone.

Pink Eye Shadow on Inner Eye Area and Black Eye Shadow on Crease Area:

  • This is a tricky part where overlapping effect is given by applying pink and black eye shadow on the inner and outer eye areas alternately. Apply the combination twice to get a dark and desired effect.

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Black Powder Eye Liner:

  • Use a powdered eye liner on the eye lids with a thin brush. This gives a nice hue to the eyes and makes it look dense. Similarly apply powdered eye liner on the lower eye lid too.

For Thick Eye Brows Apply Kajal and Blend well:

  • No matter if your eye brows are thick, you will still need to apply kohl and blend so that it complements the overall get up and does not look light.

Apply Kajal and Mascara:

  • Apply mascara on lower and upper eye lash; make sure you do not spread it on other areas. Using a nice dark Kajal outline the lower eye as required
  • Remove loose powder from under the eyes and touch up the under eye area with base.

3.The Cheeks:

  • Cheeks are highlighted very simply and use of nude colours is preferred.

Blusher on apple part:

  • Apply light pink or nude blusher on the cheek apples starting from inside and moving upwards to the hair line.

Highlighter on cheeks:

  • Use the same highlighter on the cheeks or may be a lighter shade of silver or pink that goes with the shades used for eyes.

Shimmer on face and neck and blend well:

  • Lastly, use shimmer on the face and neck and blend well with a thick brush.

4 .The Lips:

Outline the lips and fill the shade properly:

  • Use a sober pink and with the help of a lip brush outline and fill the colour to the lips.

Lip Gloss:

  • Then apply a nude gloss on the lip colour for extra shine. Do not overdo, as it might make the lips appear very plump.
  • Hope this detailed description of Christian bridal make up helps you achieve the desired effect on your most important day.

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