Christmas Eye Makeup – How to do?

Christmas Eye Makeup – How to do?

Christmas eye makeup can be created in a very easy way. The basic colours that can be used for a dramatic effect is like the image above can be red and green. This is done in red. However if you want to wear the outfit in green colour then you can use green colour for this. You can additionally use green rhinestones or loose glitters. You can also use some fresh colours like a silvery or a mauve colour for a fresh look. This is choice dependent. The smokiness is also quite prominent in this look.

Christmas Eye Makeup

Below are The Steps for Creating a Christmas Eye Makeup:

  •  To do a proper makeup, the basic thing should be that the base should be done properly with priming and foundation. However for this to stay for longer hours, you will have to cleanse the surface thoroughly. You can use some oil free cleanser for this or any other deep cleansing solution. You can also use some neem or other antibacterial soaps which has pimple fighting properties if your skin needs such cleansing.
  •  You need to then dry the surface and apply primer. If this is for a long hour party look then you will have to prime the lids and also the face.

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  •  You can then use concealer. If you do not have aging skin then you can use a stick concealer on to the areas like the underneath areas and also on the facial blemishes. You can then dab the concealer on the required areas.
  •  You will then apply foundation for the whole of the face including the lids. You should blend this with a sponge.
  •  Apply a compact or lose compact power for the whole of the face. You can use some blusher for the face. Use a lipstick teamed up with this look.
  •  Apply a silver of pinkish shade on the whole of area including the brow bone to the lid. Blend this properly with an applicator tip.
  •  You can now take the darker shade of the shadow like a dark red or a brick red. You can use a black or charcoal shade as well. All these can be used to create a Smokey effect over the reddish tint. Use this colour on the exterior side of the lid and also on to the whole of the crease area in a thin pattern. Do not go over the crease on to the brow bone.

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  •  Now use the red eye shadow. You can also use a green colour. You can use both the red and green colours can be teamed up with some glitters to create some party like look. Here it is done with the red colour. Therefore take the red colour and blend this on the whole of the lid. Blend this with the darker shade at the exterior. Use the applicator brush or another applicator brush that is thinner. Use this with the red colour to start from the outer edge at the lower rim and going inwards till the inner edge for the lower water line but leaving gaps in the water line.
  •  Use a gel liner and draw up the lining in a thin to upward inclined heavy way. You can make this as per the shape.
  •  You can now do the lining for the lower rim. This should be above the red eye shadow colour.
  •  Use some loose glitters at the sides. You can use glue and glitters and also rhinestones for added effect.
  •  Use false lashes and heavy mascara.