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Cute Hairstyles for Teens

Cute Hairstyles for Teens

Hairstyles play an essential role as far as beauty and style go, so no wonder girls are going crazy over the newest trends. The contemporary world has raised the bar a bit as far as hairstyles go and the new haircuts and styles all exude attitude to empower the diva in you. However, not all hairstyles suit all ages and face shapes, this is why choosing right is not an easy thing. 

There are a myriad of cute hairstyles for teens out there to suit your style and personality, so if you need a source of inspiration check out the following fab hairstyles which are not only popular among teenagers, but also suit the new hairstyle trends.

Whether you’re all about stunning, Rapunzel-like length or the new glam short crops, try to keep an open mind and turn to a professional for best results. If you seek perfection, you have to make sure your hair is cut just right and a professional cut is the only way to achieve the desired look.

Cute Hairstyles for TeensHair by CreamCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by Sean HannaCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by unknown stylistCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by KeraStraight

Teen Long Hairstyles

If you’re all about femininity, then long hairstyles are definitely for you. Long hair envy is more prevalent during the summer season, so keep your hair length or turn towards stylish clip-in hair extensions to obtain that fab instant hair length you desire. Long locks whether blunt cut or layered look amazing and ooze versatility, enabling you to sport your hair as you wish, as rollers, sparkly accessories, sleek tresses or sexy hair waves are all we dream of.Bangs are definitely to be considered as far as teen hairstyles go, as they can add that innocent, yet stylish look that grabs attention. A simple style fringe can absolutely transform your look, so find the bangs style that suits your face shape best.

Cute Hairstyles for TeensHair by Lee StaffordCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by RushCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by unknown stylistCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by unknown stylist

Teen Medium Hairstyles

The midi is definitely the most popular hair length of all due to the perfect balance between versatility and maintenance it offers. This season, mid-length hair is all about natural, loose textures which require minimal styling and effort. For this you can opt for blunt medium or layered cuts, depending on preference. Blunt classic bobs, long bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bobs, choppy layers as well as soft layers are all a perfect and trendy option for your midi. Add stylish side swept or bunt cut bangs to your cute medium cut and you’ll look great. For a simply stylish look part your damp hair for an undone look, add a touch of volumizing product and blow-dry your hair.

Cute Hairstyles for TeensHair by Jean Louis DavidCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by Jean Louis DavidCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by NikitaCute Hairstyles for TeensHair by Revlon Professional

Teen Short Hairstyles

Short crops are filled with attitude, so if you think you can pull-off such a look, head to your stylist. Keep in mind, however, that a short crop reveals greatly the facial features, thus it is a perfect match for girls with petite heads and delicate features. Go fierce with your short crop just like Frankie Sandford or take Emma Watson’s pixie crop as example as they are truly hair style icons. The best thing about short hairstyles is the speedy styling time, so if you’re in need of a cool, yet easy to style hairstyle, short is the answer for you. Spike your hair up, swish it to the side or gather it in front for a cool-80s look. Do think bangs if you wish to glam-up your crop as this combo is definitely sexy.

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