Date Killer Beauty Flaws

Date Killer Beauty Flaws

As if a first date wouldn’t be nerve wracking enough as it is, the constant worries about the beauty flaws your date might notice is a sure way to undermine your self-confidence and ruin your day. While it’s pretty safe to say that your date will most likely notice less than half of the flaws you are obsessing about, certain beauty flaws just can’t go unnoticed.

When preparing for a date make sure that you address all the beauty problems that might not make you feel as comfortable and as confident you might normally be. If you are unsure about where to start make sure that you take care of the following beauty problems before going on a date: Date Killer Beauty Flaws

Dark under-eye circles

The majority of people when asked what is the thing that they first notice on a potential date will usually say that the eyes are in most cases the element that attracts the most attention. Therefore it’s only natural to conclude that any imperfection around the eyes area will be among the first ones to be noticed. Dark under eye circles are a common problem that can have a wide variety of causes.

While identifying the cause should be the first step to solving the problem if you are running out of time you will have no choice but to treat the symptoms. A yellow based concealer is the smartest choice for camouflaging bluish under eye circle circles. Because these colors are complementary they will neutralize each other, refreshing your look. Using a skin illuminating product will also help you emphasize your eyes better and to perfect your makeup.


Another obvious romance killer, acne is one of those problems that cannot be fixed in the last minute. However before a date it’s time to do some serious damage control if you want to make a favorable first impression. Aside from the regular skin cleaning routine designed to help you get a clearer skin on the long term, a series of makeup tricks should be used to conceal acne signs.

A combination of concealer, foundation and finishing powder will most likely do the trick and help you cover up signs. To avoid acne breakouts make sure that you apply concealer using a disposable facial sponge instead of using the applicator provided by the manufacturer. On the same token, don’t reuse the foundation sponge. For a major acne problem try a full coverage green based concealer that contains silica. Finally, apply a light layer of oil-free powder for a matte finish. Date Killer Beauty Flaws

Frizzy hair

While luscious curls are extremely romantic and are generally an adorable hairstyle, those who all naturally curly always leave with the fear that frizz will take over and ruin things for them. It’s extremely important to deal with this problem before the date as your partner will definitely notice this aspect.

Good styling techniques will help you deal with this problem effectively and carrying a pomade in your purse will likely help you solve the hair problems that might emerge during the date. In addition a wide tooth comb will help minimize tangles while preventing unnecessary frizz.

Unkempt nails

The way a person’s nails look is a strong indicator of how much effort she puts into her appearance. Because all men are interested in finding a woman that takes good care of herself, it’s important not to let this detail prevent him from having a favorable first impression on you. If you’ve neglected this aspect so far, solve the problem quickly by trimming your nails, applying a moisturizing cream on the your hands and cuticles and applying a coat of shimmery metallic nail polish that will hide chips.

Date Killer Beauty Flaws

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