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Dealing With Hair Loss

Dealing With Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss is not easy as the hair plays a big role in people’s lives, hair being considered sexy and beautiful. The richer the hair the better the look and the more confident a person will be regardless of gender so experiencing hair loss can cause self esteem issues. Before turning to purchasing certain hair loss combating products it is necessary to determine exactly which are the causes for this problem.

There are a variety of products meant to deal with hair loss but before spending money on these products it is best to determine exactly what your hair needs in order to known exactly what products to buy, thus saving money spent on products which you don’t really need. There are a variety of probable causes for hair loss in both men and women, causes which can be treated and causes which cannot. Because there are a variety of ways to deal with hair loss, we have put together a selection of hair loss causes and treatments which can help you learn how to deal with loosing your hair:

Vitamin deficiency

Dealing With Hair Loss

A vitamin deficiency is usually a triggering point for hair loss as the hair needs certain vitamins to maintain a healthy growth. A lack of these nutrients can lead to a “starvation” of the hair follicle, which will gradually start to thin and eventually fall out. It’s true that a hair loss of about 100 hairs a day is considered normal but whatever exceeds this number is not normal and should require some investigations to determine the cause of the hair loss. Usually paying attention to your diet, and making sure adequate vitamins are a part of your everyday meals can help stop a hair loss which is based on a vitamin deficiency.

The vitamins necessary for a healthy hair growth are vitamin B complex especially vitamin B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. Also the minerals magnesium, sulfur and zinc contribute greatly to a healthy hair growth and a deficiency of these minerals could be a triggering factor for hair loss. Keep in mind that vitamin B5 and B3 play an essential role in hair growth so watch your diet and turn towards healthy diets and if necessary hair loss vitamin supplements but pay attention that too many vitamins such as an overdose of vitamin A can also trigger hair loss so turn to a physician to determine exactly what vitamins your body lacks.


Stress affects everyone at a certain point in life but this psychological state of mind doesn’t affect all people the same. People have different personalities thus can handle stress differently. People who are more sensitive are usually more prone to getting overly stressed thus affected by stress induced hair loss. Medical conditions as well as going into surgery under total anesthesia can cause stress and trauma to your body so hair loss can be triggered as well by these situations. Dealing with stress is a must as one can risk going bald. Stress is not healthy and can lead you to no positive path in life so try to analyze your situation with calm and without getting stressed o avoid developing other problems which you will also have to worry about such as hair loss.


Alopecia is a form of hair loss which can lead to baldness in men as well as women. This condition seems to be a dermatological affection which affects the hair follicle usually at scalp level but it can also affect other parts of the body. This condition seems to be genetic and what triggers this condition is not yet known. There are medicated treatments which are meant to deal with alopecia but they are not always efficient.

Try to use specific products destined for your hair type in order to ensure a through cleaning of your hair without causing it any damage. The use of certain chemical hair products such as hair dyes, perms can damage the hair and cause hair loss so turn to a professional to get your hair colored or styled as desired. Turn to homemade hair treatments and masks so you can ensure your hair receives the nourishment it needs at a low cost and without the use of any harmful ingredients which are commonly used in cosmetics. Whenever you suspect that you are loosing your hair at a higher rate than normal turn to your dermatologist or your physician so you can determine exactly the cause of your hair loss, before things become too advanced to repair.

Dealing With Hair Loss

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