Effective Anti Static Hair Products

Effective Anti Static Hair Products

If you want to flaunt a beautiful, healthy and hydrated hair this time of the year, you should take a look at these great suggestions which proved to be very effective!

What Causes Static Electricity in Hair?

Before you find out what are the best anti static hair products, you should know what causes this bothersome problem. 

Once temperatures drop, electrons leave your tresses with positive charges. In fact, they resist each other and thus, your hair becomes static. It might fly away in different directions or just stick to your cheeks.

Effective Anti Static Hair ProductsEffective Anti Static Hair Products

Anti Static Hair Brush: Natural Bristle Brush

Combing is very important, especially when facing this condition. That’s why you should buy a natural bristle brush. According to specialists, this beauty item is the best anti static hair brush available on the market. Unlike plastic bristle brushes, that can eventually increase hair static electricity, a natural bristle one can evenly distribute natural oil throughout your locks. And although it’s more expensive than a nylon one, it’s quite a great investment on the long run.

Enjoy: Janeke White Pure Bristle Brush and Round Wooden 100% Boar Bristle Brush by Wigo

Great Anti Static Hair Spray: ALTERNA Winter Rx Anti-Static Spray 

Take a look at this great anti static hair spray. The finishing spray launched by ALTERNA is excellent at removing this issue. It’s a very light product that also soothes hair cuticles and eliminates cling. Furthermore, you can enjoy a nice fragrance which combines vanilla, cherry, coconut and almond. Just add a bit of this great anti static hairspray every morning, before going to work and you’ll look amazing. And don’t be afraid to pair your outfit with a stylish hat that will beautifully complement your locks.

Effective Anti Static Hair ProductsEffective Anti Static Hair Products

Anti Static Hair Products: Shampoos

Specially designed shampoos also deserve their place amongst the most effective anti static hair products. You should know that these cosmetics have great ingredients which will hold your tresses in place. It has been shown that this type of shampoo can considerably reduce this winter problem, as it will keep your locks hydrated, by locking moisture in. So, you’ll improve your dry hair’s aspect, which is usually prone to becoming tangled.

Good shopping choices: Babo Botanicals Berry Primrose Smooth Detangling Shampoo  and John Frieda Root Awakening Hydrate + Nourish Shampoo

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