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Emma Watson’s New Pixie Haircut

Emma Watson’s New Pixie Haircut

Emma Watson, the well known British actress known best for her role as Hermoine Granger in the “Harry Potter” movie series has manged to become a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion, style as well as hairstyles. Emma Watson’s new pixie haircut has shocked everyone as she has always been seen wearing a medium or a long hairstyle, hairstyles which suited her perfectly. Emma seemed to love her soft wavy medium length tresses and we would have never guessed that she would make such a drastic change. Short hairstyles have been increasing in popularity especially in the last few years due to the development of new hair cutting techniques and hair styling products which help give the hair the right style and posture. One of the things which contribute greatly to the short crop’s popularity besides beauty is the low maintenance level which allows women to benefit from a fabulous stylish hairstyle in minutes.

Emma Watson’s New Pixie HaircutEmma Watson Facebook

The pixie haircut, which seems to be Emma’s new hairstyle choice, is actually a vintage hairstyle which has made a huge comeback. Hairstylists added a little bit of extra sexiness to the hairstyle using different hair cutting techniques and this helped this short crop work its way to the top of the hairstyles trends. However, as simple as this look might seem, sporting such a short crop is not easy, as short hairstyles reveal greatly the facial features, drawing attention towards the face. Women with oval face shapes and feminine facial features look best with this type of haircut and it seems that Emma falls right into this category. Her new pixie haircut helps enhance her soft, feminine facial features, revealing an angelic face that takes your breath away. This type of haircut works best on women with naturally straight or wavy tresses in order for the cut to be enhanced by the hair’s natural style. Cut the hair shorter on the sides and longer on top to give your short crop more versatility in styling. It seems that Emma Watson loves her new pixie haircut and describes the experience as “liberating”. We just lover her new “do” but what’s your opinion?

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