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Enhance Your Cleavage with Makeup

Enhance Your Cleavage with Makeup

Although many women wish to have bigger, perkier breasts, not all of them are ready to invest in costly, not to mention potentially risky procedures. A few tricks can certainly come in handy when it comes to creating the desired optical illusion. Selecting clothes that enhance a small bust is perhaps the most used technique as it can provide relatively significant changes with ease. However, wearing ruffled tops is not always a suitable option. At times, using slightly different tips and tricks than the ones we are used to can lead to better results. A push up bra is still a miraculous solution when it comes to emphasizing our breasts as much as possible. However, once this step is completed, the right makeup tricks can intensify these effects even more, as long as they are applied correctly. Here are a few useful steps that should be followed for complete success:Enhance Your Cleavage with Makeup

Start by standing in front of a mirror to be able to see exactly what you are doing. Gather all the necessary tools beforehand to be able to finish the job faster. You will need a big round makeup brush, a bronzer or a matte face powder that is about one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Make sure to avoid shimmery powders which will look completely unnatural. You will also need a light shade of concealer or eyeshadow in order to make an adequate contrast and create the illusion of depth.

It is recommended to apply the makeup before dressing as this will minimize the chances of getting makeup on your outfit. If you do choose to dress before applying makeup, make sure to put a paper napkin on your clothing to ensure your clothes stay clean. Begin by applying the dark bronzer shade between your breasts, creating either a V or a Y shape, suing up and down strokes. Follow the natural curve of the breasts in order to create a better illusion. Make sure to blend extremely well.

For the top half of your breasts you will use the light shade of eyeshadow. This step will help to make sure that the contrast seems even more pronounced, creating the illusion of more fullness. Make sure to blend well using a makeup sponge and avoid using too much product. Make the necessary retouches and take a closer look in the mirror to see if the effect you hoped for has been created. If not, adding a little more bronzer in the center can help, but make sure not to overdo it as the trick might become a little too visible. Finish by setting everything with pressed powder.

In addition to this little makeup trick you can also use other time-tested tricks for a perkier cleavage. One of the simplest ones is just sitting up straight. This will naturally emphasize your breasts while also making you look taller, slimmer and even more confident. Highlight your natural beauty and boost your self confidence and you will undoubtedly look your best.

Enhance Your Cleavage with Makeup

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