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Eye Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Eye Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Eyeglass market is blooming nowadays, we must admit that a pair of eyeglasses are as important as other fashion accessories. It is very important to choose the proper in size and style, however it is more important what lays behind those glasses, namely your eyes. There are cases when eyeglasses are indispensable due to medical reasons or other problems.

Regular eyeglass wearers have to take into account that it’s necessary to adapt to certain rules or rather principles when choosing the right makeup, especially eye makeup. Consequently you can’t make a mistake if you follow the basic principles:

Eye Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

In the case of eyeglasses opting for the proper makeup is like accessorizing your clothes, the frame influences the palette of colors as well as the style. The keyword is balance. If you choose frameless glasses or light colored ones, you have green light to use vivid colors – of course that are appropriate for the occasion. Strong colors will emphasize the color of your eyes as well as their natural shape.

Those who opted for a colorful frames, to surpass the effect of dullness, must sacrifice the vivid colors for muted, neutral shades – you don’t want to top the effect of the frames.The frame is only one of the many points of consideration when opting for makeup – however not the most important.

Due to the effect of eyeglasses on near-,as well as farsighted people, they have to take into consideration the tricks that would turn eyeglasses into their advantage.

Eye Makeup Tips for Eyeglass WearersEye Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Tips for nearsighted womenIn the case of nearsighted people, lenses make eyes appear to recede behind the frames, that’s why they should opt for colors that will emphasize eyes – white, pink, or the different shades of brown. The eyeliner is essential in your makeup kit – experiment with cat eyes and bring out the ‘wing’ past the lash line.

Also, using light, shimmery shadows in the inner corner will open up eyes making them look bigger.

Tip for farsighted womenEyes are magnified by the lenses and you may want to opt for matte, neutral or darker shadows on your eyelids. Use a slightly darker shade in the crease but do avoid bright or shimmery colors as they will only serve to amplify your eyes further. Make sure you blend colors very well, because any imperfection or flaw will be magnified as well.

Universal tricksGlasses cast a shadow under your eyes that make dark circles appear worse than they actually are, so use a light-reflecting concealer to hide them, then set with loose or pressed powder. Your best friend in dealing with your makeup is the mascara. However, when using it you must take into consideration the rules presented before: nearsighted should use two coats of mascara in order to lengthen and voluminize, while farsighted women should take advantage of it in a limited degree.

Furthermore eyelash curlers spare your lashes from touching the lenses while you wear your glasses.

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