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Eye Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Eye Skin Care Tips and Tricks

The skin surrounding the eyes is much thinner and much more sensitive to external factors’ damage, so if you want to maintain your skin looking fabulous, you need to pay attention to your skin care routine. To prevent premature aging, take these into account and try to prevent any skin damage or early development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin, especially the one around your eyes can actually take or add a few years to your real age depending on how it’s maintained, so if you want to look youthful and have an enviable skin, try to take proper care of your body. Since the skin around your eyes is much more sensitive, it requires special care, so learn the proper steps to make it look fabulous, so you can radiate beauty.Eye Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Baggy eyes can make you look tired, so try your best to reduce the puffiness using different special products. The puffiness is created by water which is being retained in bags under the eyes, and certain products can help diminish the bags. Use under eye creams which are based on vitamin K and wild chestnut, as they will diminish the tired eyes look. Caffeine eye roller products also work, so purchase the ones that you find suitable for you.

Get enough sleep, as lack of sleep can definitely have an impact over your look and cause the skin surrounding the eyes to puff-up and develop dark circles which don’t actually help your look.

Don’t apply a regular face cream under your eyes as the skin is much more sensitive in this area and thus needs softer ingredients to look and feel fabulous. Purchase a specially formulated eye cream and apply it using your ring finger gently by tapping the cream in back and forth movements, on small portions of the under-eye area, starting from the outside eye corner towards the inside.

Don’t apply eye cream before bedtime as you might end-up with irritated eyes, plus your skin will not be able to breath. Give your skin a break and allow it to breath through the night. Keep in mind that most creams if not all, contain chemical ingredients, so give your skin some time to regenerate.

The cucumber slices on the eyes is not a way through which you can look funny, but actually a way to pamper the skin surrounding your eyes. Cucumbers are rich in minerals, so cut two fresh slices of cucumber and place them for 10 or 15 minutes on your eyes to allow the minerals to be absorbed by the skin.

Sleep on a comfy pillow which will maintain your head a little bit higher than the rest of your body to prevent puffy eyes. This way the blood will not rush to your head and cause the swelling under your eyes.

Avoid making grimaces as they can become a habit and lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Protect your eyes with sunglasses when you’re exposing yourself to the bright sunlight as the sun light will also force you to make grimaces and cause fine lines.

Emphasize your eyes and make your skin luminous by opting to enhance your eyes with light colored makeup. Go for shimmery shades of nude, taupe, soft pink, lavender to brighten up the eyes.

Keep your skin in fab condition and you’ll definitely feel more comfortable and confident!

Eye Skin Care Tips and Tricks

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