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Fall 2020 Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

Fall 2020 Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

The fall 2020 hairstyles displayed by models at New York Fashion Week looked spectacular and this only means one thing: they are a perfect source of inspiration for those in search of new season trendy hair styles! The heavy dose of diversity makes the selection of perfect seasonal hairstyles so much fun, so dare to explore your options and give the new twists, up-styles and loose and natural looks a try as the power of polished to perfection locks can be jaw-dropping.

Women have been searching for the new techniques to update their look for as long as we can remember and these types of events that place a heavy accent on beauty and style, such as the New York Fashion Week, can help spark new ideas and new trends when it comes to style. To help you get creative we’ve put together a selection of the best fall 2020 hairstyles that stood out at this particular fashion event.

Fall 2020 Hairstyles: Natural Glossy Waves

Fall 2020 Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

Glossy waves with loose and natural textures couldn’t have missed from the podium as these simple styles look timeless and can never fail to deliver a high dose of chicness regardless of the occasion. The look’s simplicity suits perfectly those searching for a youthful, effortless-chic style and fortunately there are numerous techniques to help you infuse the right amount of curl or wave into your locks.

For a slightly bohemian style, spritz some water on your locks and braid sections of hair allowing them to dry over a period of a couple of hours or over night before getting the braids undone to unveils the chicest wavy texture. The same glossy waves can be created using a curling iron, which is the perfect tool to style glamor curls that work for both medium and long hair.

Fall 2020 Hairstyles: Ponytails

Fall 2020 Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

The ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for the on-the-go urban woman and fortunately it has made a huge comeback as fashion designers chose various interpretations of the ponytail to complete the looks of their fashion designs. From the puffy 50s ponytail to futuristic elongated ponytails, these easy maintenance hair styles can be a perfect solution to turn towards whenever you’re lacking ideas.

Keep the pony styled high and centered, side-swept, low and loose, sleek or slightly curled towards the end as the options are wide and each look has a distinct yet all-feminine allure. Those that are in need of an extra hair length, clip-in hair extensions an be a great investment, so let them work their magic on your midi locks!

Fall 2020 Hairstyles: Updos

Fall 2020 Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

Updos are amazing day-to-evening options for girls who have a little bit of extra time on their hands. Now, there is an array of up styles to experiment with as you can see from the hair trends displayed at the New York Fashion Week, so choose to give the untidy top knot a try, the loose bun featuring loose strands on one side of the head if you’re all about casual chicness or choose to amp-up the sophistication level by trying vintage side twists or finger waves, cool half up/half down updos in which you have the possibility to infuse some intricate braids or if you’ve got some help, try an architectural updo that looks straight out of a magazine.

The good news is these fall 2020 up styles suit any hair type and the ladies who rock at least a shoulder length hairstyle, so let you imagination loose and play with a different look every week as the sky is the limit!

Fall 2020 Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

Photos: WWD

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