Fall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup Trend

Fall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup Trend

Makeup trends change from season to season in order to match the new fashion trends as a complete balance needs to be maintained if the perfect look is your target. Choosing the right type of makeup is a must as it can help emphasize your natural beauty, and the fall/winter 2020 porcelain doll makeup can be a suitable type of makeup for almost all types of complexions as nothing can compare to the beauty of flawless looking skin.

The fall/winter 2020 porcelain doll makeup trend is actually a comeback trend as flawless skin is timeless, thus it can be a great option for different occasions. The new porcelain doll look doesn’t have a glossy complexion but a sateen aspect instead, which can be achieved using the right makeup products.

Fall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup TrendBalmainFall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup TrendBalmain

Flawless looking skin, almost transparent, can help create a very natural aspect which any women would want to benefit from. With a minimalist look, the porcelain doll makeup is no longer based on using colorful luscious makeup, but a minimum amount of makeup which helps enhance the beauty of the skin but in a natural manner.

To recreate the porcelain doll look you need to conceal any blemishes and skin imperfections with a concealer and give a flawless finish using a mineral makeup as it is beneficial for the skin and looks fabulous. Because the porcelain doll look needs to beautifully enhance the facial features, a rosy or peach colored blush is used to emphasize the cheekbones.

Fall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup TrendLouis VuittonFall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup TrendLouis Vuitton

As far as the eye makeup goes simple is the way so a minimal eye makeup is performed. You can use nude colored eyeshadow if you wish and use a white eyeliner pencil to line your waterline as this will help create the effect of bigger eyes. The eyelashes are coated naturally using a brown or black colored mascara while the lips are maintained natural using a nude colored lip gloss. To ensure your look is absolutely stunning try to opt for a hairstyle which helps reveal your face so go for a ponytail hairstyle, an updo hairstyle or a loose hairstyle which doesn’t cover your lovely facial features. Makeup can make all the difference so if you feel this type of makeup suits you don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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Fall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup TrendCarlos MieleFall/Winter 2020 Porcelain Doll Makeup TrendAnn Valerie Hash

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