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Fashionable Hair Highlights for 2020

Fashionable Hair Highlights for 2020

Start being unpredictable when it comes to your look. Play with various haircuts and colors until you find the combination which suits your personality. Partial hair coloring is the best way to rock the transition from one hue to the other.

Go step by step if you’re not brave enough to make dramatic changes in your appearance. Visit a professional hair salon to guarantee the success of your transformation and skip DIY hair coloring sessions, especially if you’re still a rookie in this art. In need of inspiration for your upcoming beauty update take a closer look at the fashionable hair highlights presented below.

Fashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by Toni and GuyFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by SchwarzkopfFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by David AdamsFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by Katie Brooks

Share the title for the hottest trendsetter of the moment with your favorite celebrities. Go bold if you’re craving for attention and drama. These gorgeous hair highlights ideas illustrate the versatility of multi-tonal hair designs. If these pics made your heart race, feel free to experiment with a new do. Combine various shades for a rainbow effect and be sure to use color protective formulas that won’t strip off the hair dye from your tresses. Come up with original ideas on how to make the best of your scene-stealing shade. Draw some inspiration from these impressive examples and prep for the ultimate beauty update of the season.

Fashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by IndolaFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by Wella Art ColorFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by WieselmanFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by Studio De Luxe

Pay special attention to the tiniest details and let a pro colorist grant you with a show-stopping new hue. Tinting your locks at home may force you to take the risk of a meltdown. Depending on the effect you want to create, you’ll be able to choose colors 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your base hue or contrastive colors which add an instant glam boost to your plain locks. Before taking a plunge into hair coloring make sure you have a picture of your dream do at hand. Show these examples to your stylist who’ll know which is the most flattering do you can go for.

Fashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by GC GeniusFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by Head StudioFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by MahoganyFashionable Hair Highlights for 2020by Katie Fritter

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