Fast and Easy Makeup Tips

Fast and Easy Makeup Tips

A lot of makeup products can decrease the time you spend on application by offering two or more functions. Even if you go for such a product, like tinted moisturizer instead of foundation and bronzer, you can still learn many fast and easy makeup tips.

Discover how to get the perfect look when you’re pressed for time, using these simple tricks that will help you out the door faster and provide you with the desired effect quicker every time you press snooze on your alarm one too many times.

Get Awake Eyes

If you haven’t slept well or enough, bloodshot eyes can be fixed with many tricks, but one of the best fast and easy makeup tips offers an instant solution. Lower the inner rims of your eyes with a flesh-toned pencil and you’ll avoid the bloodshot and tired look, making your eyes appear bright and rested in no time, without much effort.

Fast and Easy Makeup Tips

Fake a Beautiful Glow

Professional makeup artists use many techniques to create a beautiful glow for runways shows or for the red carpet, but when you’re in a hurry, there’s no time for any of them. The fastest way to get glowing skin is to simply mix your foundation with liquid illuminator. Mix them in equal quantities and apply with your fingertips all over your face.

Get a Dewy Finish

Another quick and excellent way to get a fresh and beautiful look is to apply powder foundation for a dewy finish. Use pressed foundation, but apply it with a twist, using one of the best fast and easy makeup tips. With a single drop of water on your makeup sponge before application on your T-zone, you’ll get it blended faster and enjoy a beautiful dewy finish.

Try Fast Smoky Eyes

If you believe that the smoky eyes look should be more rock’n’roll than labored and perfect, you’ll love this simple trick. Start by lining your bottom lid heavily, squint your eyes and run a finger across the line to smudge on both lids simultaneously. The finished smoky eyes can look just as good as a more extensive technique.

Fast and Easy Makeup Tips

Go for Quick Universal Color

If you want perfect lipstick application, simply use your hairdryer to warm the tip of your lipstick for no more than 5 seconds. It’s go on much smoother on your lips and this is one of the best fast and easy makeup tips because it can also double as cream eye shadow and even blush. Just make sure you blend it very well for a flawless look.

Get Fast Nude Lips

If you want to shorten the time it takes to get beautiful nude lips, you can use a simple trick. Use a nude color liner on the top half of each lip and go for a clear gloss on the bottom half of each lip. Simply press your lips together after application and you’ll get a perfect and symmetrical finish in half the time.

Fast and Easy Makeup Tips

Try Quick Mascara Tips

Cut down the time you spend on applying eyeliner by simply skipping it and adding two coats of mascara on your lashes. If you don’t like this look, one of the best fast and easy makeup tips can help you get the eyeliner look without the actual eyeliner. Simply use the tip of your mascara wand to dot in between your lashes. Once you’ve applied enough pigment, use a cotton swab and gently rub it to create the eyeliner look faster.

Use Nail Polish Strips

If you need a lot of time to apply nail polish the right way, fake the finished look much faster with nail polish strips. All you need to do is stick them to your nails and file. This can give you a lot more freedom when it comes to nail art without the hassle of perfecting it or going to a salon. Lasting up to 10 days, nail polish strips come off as easily as nail polish without the need for a special remover.

Fast and Easy Makeup Tips

Spray Perfume Thoughtfully

Want to keep your fragrance fresh throughout the day? Instead of spraying it directly on your skin, mist your underwear with it. Your bra and panties will keep it fresh for longer and your fragrance will last all day.

Use a Clear Makeup Bag

Even when you’re using the best fast and easy makeup tips, you might still miss out on one of the most important tricks of quick makeup. Always keep your makeup products in a clear makeup bag. You’ll see where everything is and you won’t have to waste time digging around for what you need.

I used to waste half of my morning digging through my makeup bag in search for the right eyeliner, lip product, shadow, etc. Try using a clear bag where everything is visible.

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