Foods That Cause Cellulite

Foods That Cause Cellulite

Cellulite is dependent on a number of factors, including age and genetics, but certain foods that cause cellulite are often part of the problem. Try to avoid the worst offenders, the so called cellulite foods, in order to help your skin stay away from the cottage cheese look.

Almost 90% of women have to deal with cellulite at some point or another, so knowing what foods cause cellulite is especially important in order to keep your skin elastic and smooth.

What Foods Cause Cellulite?

Fatty deposits are a key factor in developing cellulite and saturated fats are the worst offenders. Dark meats and fried foods are often cited as fattening and they contain the worst kind of fats: saturated fats. Stored under the skin, these fats increase the risk of developing cellulite, along with high calorie foods.

Sugary foods with a high content of refined carbohydrates can damage cells and contribute to cellulite formation. Any processed food high in toxins and additives can also cause cellulite.

Some foods don’t directly cause cellulite, but they can dehydrate the body and cause cells to store extra water. Alcohol is a major cause of dehydration and excessive consumption is an important factor in making cellulite more visible.

Foods That Cause Cellulite

Foods That Give You Cellulite: Phytoestrogen Rich Plants

Numerous studies have also shown a link between the level of estrogen in the body and the development of cellulite. Women who use birth control with high estrogen levels are more prone to developing cellulite.

While medical treatments can sometimes increase the estrogen levels, you should also avoid certain foods that give you cellulite through their high content of phytoestrogen.

Soybeans have the highest level of plant-based estrogen compounds. Consumed in excess, soy products can increase the likelihood of developing cellulite.

Other cellulite foods with a high content of phytoestrogen include flax seed and beans, from lentils and lima beans to kidney beans and split peas.

Cellulite Foods and Other Cellulite Causing Habits

Once you know what foods cause cellulite, you can make sure you’re not eating them too often, but you shouldn’t just avoid food that causes cellulite as the only means of prevention.

Avoid heavy drinking and smoking, bad habits that dehydrate the body, fill it with toxins and increase cellular damage that leads to cellulite.

Foods That Cause Cellulite

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