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Frequent Hair Care Mistakes

Frequent Hair Care Mistakes

When it comes to the most frequent hair care mistakes, everything starts with the fact that most of us don’t know our hair type. This is the starting point for numerous hair disasters. There are, for example, many women who believe that they have coarse hair, when in fact their hair is fine but thick. Therefore, they start using the wrong products that can give an oily aspect to their hair.

This type of mistakes are made pretty often because women rarely ask the hairdresser questions about the hair. In order to avoid damaging your hair, you first need to know what is your hair type. It is not important, but crucial.

Even though there is this idea that using the blow-dryer can seriously harm your hair, in fact, some dermatologists say that it is rather beneficial for its health and beauty. Because the scalp remains damp for a longer period of time after shampooing, bacterias might develop and therefore follicles or pimples. However, the mistake we usually make is to dry the hair at a very high temperature especially when it is still damp as we only cause damage and hair becomes brittle.

Frequent Hair Care Mistakes

It is not necessary to wash your hair every day. There are women who exaggerate when it comes to shampooing. Still, they have to be extremely careful as washing their hair too often might destroy the balance of the scalp and sebaceous glands causing dry or oily hair. The best thing to do is to wash your hair once or twice a week, unless you go to the gym or other different activities that require frequent shampooings. Don’t forget that the more often you wash it, the quicker it gets oily. If you are a too exigent type, you can rinse your hair with mineral or filtered water as the tap water might dry your hair.

You should know that all the remains in the cosmetic products you leave on your hair have a negative effect upon it. Therefore, it is very important to perfectly rinse your hair when washing it in order to remove any residue of conditioner, shampoo or mask. The silicone that is found in the majority of shampoos and other products tend to make your hair heavier. Make sure you use tepid water when rinsing instead of hot water that excessively dries the hair.

Rubbing our hair with the towel after washing is probably one of the most common mistakes we make. However, keep in mind to never do this as this type of treatment is very aggressive on damp and sensitive wet hair that loses aminoacids and tends to break easier. The best thing you can do is to keep it wrapped in the towel for 15-20 minutes and only after start to blow dry it.

The frequent use of the hair straightener affects the quality of the hair due to the repeated action of the heat on the hair that finally gets to deteriorate. You should give up to the hair straightener and find other solutions for diminishing volume, such as a different haircut. Moreover, choose ceramics straighteners and make sure your hair is perfectly dry before starting the straightening process. Besides the overuse of the hair straightener, some of us also apply too many styling products. Still, if using too much hair gel, wax and spray, your hair will not only lack style, but this might cause the appearance of unwanted dandruff. In both cases moderation is the key!

Hairstyle trends change every season. Among so many beautiful hairstyles, we always fall in love with one or two. However, the mistake we make is that we sometimes choose a hairstyle we like without taking into consideration that we have to maintain it. As we don’t have all a personal stylist and enough time to style our hair, a wiser decision would be to go for hairstyles that require low maintenance and are easy to style at home with minimum amount of effort. It is useless to pick a trendy haircut that doesn’t flatter your face shape or doesn’t suit your hair type.

It is well known the fact that every type of hair is susceptible to breakage, fall and split ends. Since the aspect of your hair is more than important, you should remember to pay a visit to the hairdresser every six weeks or 45 days for trimming. Moreover, you can also ask for a nourishing and regenerating treatment.

Frequent Hair Care Mistakes

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