Give Your Hair a Break and Style It Without Heat!

Give Your Hair a Break and Style It Without Heat!

Putting the flat iron, curling iron and even your hair dryer away feels like you’re giving up on a wide variety of looks, but the truth is that you can achieve most using no heat styling tools, with the right products and simple techniques.

Discover how to style hair without heat, whether you’re going for a straight or curly texture, or you just want casual beach waves. You can even get crimped hair without any heat damage, so explore these alternative styling methods that don’t involve any heat.

How to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

If your hair dryer has a cold air setting, you’ll find it very useful in straightening your hair without risking any heat damage, but it’s not the only options. Once you’ve decided to stop using a flat iron, you need to rethink all your styling products.

You can find plenty of shampoos and conditioners designed for straight hair, but you’ll also need a good anti-frizz serum. Use a leave-in conditioner that’s also formulated for straight hair and make sure it’s not tangled if you plan on brushing it while drying.

When you’re wondering how to style hair without heat and keep your tresses straight, try brushing your hair with a flat paddle brush, whether you’re using your hair dryer on the cold air setting or just allowing it to air dry naturally.

Give Your Hair a Break and Style It Without Heat!

No Heat Curlers

Believe it or not, curlers are a great way to help your hair dry while straightening! You’ll get the best results with magnetic curlers, the thicker, the better. If you can find ones that are are wide as soda cans, they’ll work wonders. Wrap your hair under the curlers and make sure you use them symmetrically for a more even finish. You’ll also need a setting foam or lotion that helps your hair dry straight and fight frizz. Only remove the curlers once your hair is perfectly dry, and use hairspray formulated for straight tresses.

Chemical Straightening

If you don’t want to waste time helping your hair dry straight, you could consider a less temporary solution. Getting your hair chemically straightened isn’t risk-free and it will damage your hair about as much as getting a perm.

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How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Curling may be a lot less time consuming if you have natural straight tresses, and even more effective than trying to even out your hair’s natural texture. If you’re wondering how to style hair without heat and get the perfect curls, try these simple tricks.

Curling with a Little Help

The main methods of curling your hair without rollers involve either long cotton strips or a sock. You get more freedom with strips of fabric from an old t-shirt, by cutting them to a width of 1 inch for small curls or around 3 inches for big curls. Start rolling a section of your hair over and around the strips, from the ends to the roots. Once you reach your scalp, tie the ends of the fabric strips.

While the strips method works best for wet, freshly washed hair, the sock method is more effective with dry hair. It’s an even simpler answer to the question of how to style hair without heat. Make a high ponytail, get it slightly damp using a water spray, then take a sock donut (a short sock with the fingers part cut out) and put your ponytail through it. Start wrapping sections of your hair around the sock, tucking the ends under it, and keep rolling until the rolled up bun reaches your scalp. Keep it on for a few hours to get well defined curls.

Give Your Hair a Break and Style It Without Heat!

Braiding for Curls or Beach Waves

Another answer to the dilemma of how to style hair without heat, braiding can also be used for anything from tight curls to loose waves. If you want to simply add a little texture to your hair, braid it down the back. Separate sections and braid tighter for curls. If you just want beach waves, a quicker solution is to apply a little texturizing paste into your hair, twist it and secure it into a messy bun for a few hours.

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How to Crimp Your Hair Without Heat

If you’re looking to achieve the crimped hair effect and wondering how to style hair without heat, braiding is the answer. After letting your tresses air dry for 20-30 minutes, braid your hair into thin and tight braids. Leave them on overnight for a crimped effect in the morning.