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Glam Holiday Makeup

Glam Holiday Makeup

Holiday SpecialGlam Smokey Eyes Makeup

Special times and events call for special looks. If you want to be the queen of the night and to catch everyone’s eye this is the makeup for you! This glam smokey look will definitely work for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve! Rich carmine, purple and aubergine are the best shades to bring out blue, green and brown eyes.

How to Get the Look

Before applying the foundation use a primer. The primer will assure longer lasting makeup and smooth coverage. After you set the makeup with powder, start to apply with a brush, the carmine eyeshadow beginning at the base of your lash line and work your way up to just past the crease of your eyelid.Drop a shadow to the outer corner of the lid with the aubergine eye color.

Glam Holiday Makeup

Mark the lower lash line with a deep pink liner, then with the aubergine eyeshadow with a thin brush. Use a metallic white eyeliner on the lower lid to make eyes look brighter, then just under the eyebrows use the light pink eyeshadow and blending it well with the carmine eye color.

Glam Holiday Makeup

To make the eyes more intense use a light pink shimmering eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes. Finish the eye makeup with two coats of black mascara or a pair of falsies.For the cheeks you’ll need a light pink blush and for the lips pale nude lipstick and/or lipgloss.

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