Gorgeous Makeup Expert Beauty Tips

Gorgeous Makeup Expert Beauty Tips

Be prepared for a revolutionary change in your beauty routine by taking a closer glimpse at the following makeup expert beauty tips. How can you make the most of your features and skin tone? These useful methods on how to improve your makeup application skills will provide you with a multitude of options to look more stunning throughout the season.

Work only with high quality beauty formulas and tools that allow you to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your makeup style. Learn from the best when it comes to playing with shades and textures.

Skip Powder

Taylor Babaian is one of the greatest names in makeup industry. She advises us to skip the use of compact powders and try our hand at the magical effect of loose powders. These revolutionary compositions can help you create a more youthful, natural-looking and slightly dewy makeup look. Heavier powders will make a more artificial and aging impression. Ditch them out and trawl the market for the newest powder formulas.

Gorgeous Makeup Expert Beauty Tips

Highlight The Cheeks

Sue Devitt highly recommends the use of a gel blush to emphasize the cheekbones. Use your fingers to apply this formula right on the apples of your cheeks. The result of this beauty trick will be an immediate face-lift.

Using fingers instead of applicators guarantees the uniform spreading of the products. If you wish to add an extra glam factor to your cheeks, you can use a tiny amount of pressed powder around the apples.

Eyeliner Tips

The beloved makeup artist Taylor Babaian also provides us with helpful eyeliner tips. She highly recommends the application of a brown or black eyeliner along the upper lashline in order to add depth to the eyes.

Moreover, similar tricks can also visibly lift the eyes. The outer corners should be at a 45-degree angle in order to banish the unaesthetic effect of droopy eyelids.

Sexy Eyes Trick

Carmindy is the favorite makeup artist of celebrities. The lovely beautician advises us to create a sexy glimpse using a colored liner rather than a black one that can only shrink the look of our eyes. Using this useful makeup formula we should define the upper and lower lashline. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to grab a shimmery ivory shadow and apply it on the inner corners of the eyes to make them look brighter. This beauty fix can also widen the eyes and inject refinement into our look.

Long-Lasting Lip Color

Laura Mercier is definitely one of the makeup artist to keep an eye on in the present. Her trick to secure a long-lasting lip color is to apply the lipstick with the use of our fingertips. This way the color will look more natural and even. An applicator might not guarantee the barely there effect and can give your beauty look a more artificial flair.

Gorgeous Makeup Expert Beauty Tips

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