Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

It is well known that what might work for one face shape might not work for another, this is why it is best to choose your hairstyle according to your face shape. It is absolutely amazing how much a simple hairstyle can transform the look of person, so don’t ignore your hair.

There are a variety of haircuts and hairstyles which are meant to upgrade a person’s appearance by enhancing the best features and concealing the flaws. For round face shapes, the haircuts and hairstyles developed are meant to narrow a little bit the roundness of the face by adding a lengthening effect rather than a widening one. Here are some haircut ideas for round face shapes so you can look gorgeous every time:

Short hair

Maintaining a short hairstyle for round face shapes is a little bit difficult as the short hair length tends to emphasize the roundness of the face. Try to maintain a below ear length pixie cut or bob hairstyle. Your hairstyle should have a narrowing effect, so try to spike your short hair up while maintaining it straightened and close to the scalp on the sides. Women with curly hair should avoid short hairstyles as they will not be able to benefit from the desired effect.

Haircuts for Round Face ShapesSavvy Salon, Cornelius, NC Photo: Tom CarsonHaircuts for Round Face ShapesFuture Wave, Oregon, OH Photo: Tom Carson

Medium hair

Medium hairstyles look gorgeous with straight as well as curly hair. Women with straight hair can opt for a blunt cut bob hairstyle as this will help adding length to balance the roundness of the facial features.

Curly hairstyles usually emphasize width and this is exactly what round face shapes don’t need. Try to thin out your curls to minimize the hair volume which will emphasize the roundness of your face. Allow your curly hair to fall loosely and choose long side swept bangs to add a bit of twist to your gorgeous hair.

Haircuts for Round Face ShapesBella Capelli Sanctuario, Westlake, OH Tom CarsonHaircuts for Round Face ShapesKathy Adams Salon, Buford, GA Photo: Tom Carson

Long hair

Round face shapes and long hair complement each other perfectly as the hair’s length balances the roundness by adding a lengthening effect. Blunt cut long straight hairstyles look absolutely stunning and match round face shapes beautifully. Gentle layers can benefit this type of hairstyle as the hairstyle will be able to set better in place without emphasizing width hair volume.

Curly hairstyles look gorgeous if the right type of layering is performed to thin out the hair and allow it to set in place without adding too much width. Choose long curls as well as wavy or vintage styles and you will look beautiful.

Haircuts for Round Face ShapesThe Brown Aveda Institute, Mentor, OH Photo: Tom CarsonHaircuts for Round Face ShapesThe Brown Aveda Institute, Mentor, OH Photo: Tom CarsonHaircuts for Round Face ShapesTangles Salon, Wichita Falls, TX Photo: Tom CarsonHaircuts for Round Face ShapesShortinos, York, PA Photo: Tom Carson

Your hairstyle should be worked in a way that distracts the attention from the width, so opt for high hairstyles or loose hairstyles which suit your hair type and personality best.

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