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Halle Berry Shares Her Beauty Secrets with Stylelist

Halle Berry Shares Her Beauty Secrets with Stylelist

Stylelist caught up with stunning Halle Berry and got to talk about a wide range of topics including her good looks, her definition of beauty, the reason she first cut her hair into a pixie, the life lesson she hopes to teach her daughter, Nahla, and the most challenging role for her as far as physical transformation. The 45-year-old actress, who is one of the most beautiful women in the world, also shares some of her beauty secrets.

On her amazing complexion, Halle told Stylelist that, “I think skin is really genetic. My dad has great, great beautiful skin. I think there are things that we can do to make good and bad skin better. But I think the real quality, texture and luminosity of skin is genetics. And you can affect it by what you eat, drink or whether you smoke or do drugs. I use a line called Kinara created by Olga Northrup. She has a spa that’s really close to my house and I’ve used her products for about 15 years.”

Well, Halle Berry is undoubtedly one busy woman. But how does the actress manage to constantly look flawless? In the interview with Stylelist, Halle also reveals her five-minute makeup routine. “Face powder, as I’m a shiny mess, and a lip. I have a bad habit of chewing my lips and without something on there, I just chew them off. I need some sort of moisture there, whether it be a lip balm or lip color. I’ve been wearing Just Bitten Kissable in Honey. It’s the perfect, creamy nude,” the actress explains.

Halle Berry Shares Her Beauty Secrets with Stylelist

Unveiling the biggest makeup lesson she learned, Halle Berry told Stylelist that, “What I’ve learned is that makeup starts with a good base. You have to find a foundation that completely matches your skin tone, so you don’t have a different color face and body; something that’s light, oil-free and doesn’t feel too heavy. Everything else you can add, like an eye and mouth, but you have to get a good base.”

Famous for her sexy pixie crop, Berry also dishes on her favorite hairstyle and how she decided to cut her long locks. “I am my best self when I have super short hair. That’s when I feel most like me and most confident. I’ve had long hair until I was about 18 or 19, when I first started acting. I would go to auditions and see every other girl in the room with long, curly hair – whether it be natural or weaved in. I remember thinking this isn’t working for me. I have to somehow be different from these girls, so I cut all my hair off. I went to my manager’s office and he almost had a heart attack. He said, ‘You’re never going to work. You are no longer commercial.’ And I said, ‘That’s exactly it. I look like every other girl and they’re never going to notice me.’ Two weeks after I did that, I got my first acting job. It was ‘Living Dolls’ on ABC. They even said I was different. And it felt like me,” the actress recalls.

“Growing up as a black woman, I felt that if I didn’t have long hair, I wasn’t going to be beautiful. I always thought that. Cutting my hair was freeing. Someone saying you’re beautiful and the fact that you have no hair makes you even more beautiful, said to me it’s not about my hair. It’s about something else we emanate. I’ve lived with that my whole life,” she adds.

On the lesson she wants to teach her daughter, Nahla, Berry confesses that, “I want her to embrace all of who she is. Her father is French-Canadian. I have a white mother. I’ve always identified myself as black. That’s a choice that felt right for me. It wasn’t like I decided. I was always black. Nobody knew I had a white mother unless I said it. So, I hope she will grow and decide for herself how she wants to define herself in the world. I think the world will also tell her how she is going to define herself, by how they will define her. She will have to be ready to accept that, too. But whatever it is, I want her to feel good about who she is, where she comes from, embrace her little curly hair and everything about her.”

Read Halle Berry’s full interview on stylelist.com.

Halle Berry Shares Her Beauty Secrets with Stylelist

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