Halloween Eye Makeup 2020 – How To Do?

Halloween eye looks or makeup looks can be tried out quite easily. For the various decorations that you can do at the sides of the face, you will have to have a primer for all these to stay for a few hours. If you have oily surface then you will need to use heavy layer of compact so that the oil gets soaked and your face stays drier for longer. These days you can even get water decal stickers for various occasions which can be used on the facial skin. You can also use some professional face painting kit if you want to do something custom made pattern.

These are the various types of things that can be done. The usual colours for the shadows in your palette can be like red, black which is very popular or you can use a purple to do something that is like the above image. You can also try out orange or you can try some green and black colour combination.

For those who want to do spider web design they can use the technique mentioned below and does something like the image above. This is also quite popular and you can also wear this for any costume party.

halloween eye makeup

Below are the steps that you can follow to get a Halloween eye makeup like the image shown above.

1. For this type of a makeup, your face should be very clean. If you have not properly cleansed your pores then the sebum, oil and dirt will stay on the surface. Therefore deep cleansing is required.

2. Doing the base makeup properly is also very important. You need to use some primer and in a heavy layer. You can blend this on to the lid and also the whole face. This will make the concealer and foundation stay for longer hours.

3. Use a concealer in a thick layer and use something that is very flesh in tint. Use a very tinted concealer. You can use a stick concealer and also use a cream concealer. However for these types you need to use something that is less oily and more watery this can dry on surface and keep the surface dry instead of making it moisturized.

4. You need to use a foundation and blend it on face properly.

5. You can now take the compact or lose powder and use this on the whole of face.

6. Use a silvery eye shadow colour or something that is similar to your skin colour. You can also use a pinkish shade to apply on the whole of the lid area from the brow bones and covering the lids and also below the lower waterline.

7. Now use a red eye shadow on the crease area and blend it properly. Follow this with a black and cover half way of the lids and also draw another line following the red in the crease.

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8. Take a dark violet shadow colour and cover the whole of the lid. Blend this with the black at the exterior.

9. You can now take a thin applicator and use this same violet or purple colour along the lower side of lower waterline.

10. Use gel liner for drawing a properly shaped line.

11. Use heavy mascara. You can also use false lashes.

12. Use face painting kit to draw up the spider webs. Start by drawing geometrical lines from the lids. Create the curvatures at the gaps of the lines. You can further add some loose holographic glitters and also you can use some purple pr violet rhinestones.

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